Honor Your Mother

Honor your mother..." the Bible says. Mothers are special people. When others see un-loveliness in you, a mother sees loveliness. Even though many people of Jesus'' day did not understand His way, "His mother kept all these things in her heart." (Luke 2:51). And in His agony on the cross He was so concerned about her, He told His Disciples to care for her.
So remember to be thankful for your own mother. Spend a quiet moment on MOTHERS'' DAY even if your mother is deceased, and/or join with others and celebrate her memory. You may even want to do some good deed to someone else, in her stead. But remember, you are never bereft of a mother''s love. For in every situation you can turn to God your Heavenly Father and He will "comfort you as one whom his mother comforteth" He said. So let us by faith turn to Him for comfort and strength, so we may be able to bless others...by sharing our love. We now send a blessing to ALL mothers of the world, by saying, "THANK YOU FATHER".