Never underestimate the power of kindness. This story is all about reaching out to people in need--the ultimate act of this fruit of the Spirit. It all began with a coat. Actually, several coats bought by a selfless woman named Merilee. Merilee’s life is one of serving and giving to those less fortunate. When I explained to her how Higher Power Church ministers to the street people, the ones with little food and clothing, she began buying hats, gloves, scarves and coats for me to give to the penniless who come to the Sunday Evening outreach where Merilee brought the newly purchased items to my home along with an expensive London Fog pink coat that belonged to her mother.

“I know I’m to give this away,” she explained. “I’ve kept this jacket since my mother died, but it’s time to let it go.”

She gently took the coat out of the bag, held it up, and reminisced how much her mother enjoyed wearing it. Indeed, this was a treasure to Merilee and she carefully released her prized possession to give to a new owner. However, after taking her picture in the brightly colored wrap and after further discussion, she decided to take it back home and pray more for just the right person in which to bestow her precious belonging.

The next night, on a cold blistery evening, in the midst of a snowstorm, people came to the storefront church on Second Street in Spokane ready for a hot meal, a place to get warm and a chance to experience the love of God poured out through Angel Willson and his team. Soon after the food line began, we gave away two coats to men not dressed warm enough for the outside conditions. We also handed out hats and gloves to those in need of them.

While serving the food, I looked up and saw a man who came every week for a meal. Being unable to speak, this man always points to the food he wants and then sits by himself to eat. He stood in line shivering in a thin jacket with arms close by his side. I reached down, picked up a thicker warmer coat, and handed it to him. With a broad smile, he grabbed it and immediately put it on while pointing to the food. When he came to the end of the table, this thankful individual looked at me with a beaming face.

The music played and Pastor Angel began to ask for testimonies of what God was doing in people’s lives. The food line was over and I sat down to listen. At that moment, I was surprised to see who came up to speak. A regular attendee of Sunday outreach, also called the REHOP, is a thin, quiet man who always dresses in pink. In the summer, he has on pink shorts, in cooler weather, he dresses in pink shirts and pants and now he wears a dirty, pink jacket. Although he rarely speaks to anyone, he faithfully goes up for prayer when an invitation is given. This night the man in pink boldly walked up to the microphone to speak:

“God took me to Heaven,” he confidently declared. “It’s clean and crystal clear and the streets are gold just like the Bible says.”