This morning as I awoke
I must have dreamt about my past.
The painful recollection of
my childhood seemed to last.

Lord, why must life hurt
so much for one so small?
And yet You kept me safe as
You brought me through it all.

One of the things I remember
that hurt so very much
were the times I wasn’t chosen
for the dances, sports and such.

Yet You must have been there with me
and Your Angels at my side.
I remember Your gentle hugs
as I sat ‘alone’ and cried.

Maybe there’s a child now
who’s hurt by things we do;
who may not know they’re chosen
in a special way by YOU!

Lord, help me find that child!
I know that You know where.
I’ll show that special child
that You really truly care!

Can you, my friend, relate
to the things I had to say?
Use the comfort you received
to help someone else today.

If you don’t mind a suggestion,
don’t let kids gang up on one.
Show them how to love instead,
that acceptance can be fun.

When choosing kids for teams,
let them only choose a few.
The rest should be selected
humanely just by you.

by Genevon Hinseth

May 8, 1989