one law?

Good and Evil – Definition lost; definition found Ravi Zacharias is one man that more people should listen to, and Paul Washer is also one of my favorites. These men have learned from others and quote them extensively. The following is what I have gleaned from their teaching among others. I believe it so I pass it on to you as I heard it. When asked how the walk with God today differed from the walk of Adam and eve in the Garden of Eden, Mr. Zacharias answered that in contrast to today, in Eden there was only one law and one temptation – one command of God that had to remain unbroken for man to live perfectly with God forever – Don’t eat of THAT tree. What was it about that tree that God wished to guard so closely for Himself? Why was Knowledge of Good and Evil such a dangerous thing in the mind of man? One need only look around today as the world struggles with the question “What is good and what is evil?” and we can’t agree on the answer. From the struggle within, man has brought chaos. Dr. Zacharias’s words: “The day that you defy the one mandate of God not to define good and evil everything wrong will ensue…(what) happened in that garden was the denial of God’s prerogative to be the definer of good and evil.” What four truths does man need today to set the world straight - the four questions at the forefront of all philosophy and everything human? Evil, Justice, Love, and Forgiveness; these are the four truths we have forgotten how to define, and it’s literally ripping the world apart. Jesus said “I Am the Truth…” and we find that all these truths came to a convergence on a hill called Calvary where God (along with the knowledge of good and evil) was nailed to a cross. The evil of the world was brought to justice in an unearthly act of love which bought forgiveness for mankind. When you find your definitions in God - in the cross - you find the very purpose for which you were created. God said “Seek and you shall find – Knock and the door will be opened”. The problem is everyone thinks their worldly doors should open before they seek the heavenly ones to find them. Paul Washer said those who desire this salvation will not think it too hard or complain…they will have it on any terms. Salvation could never be the comfortable path for the contented but it remains the last hope of the bitterly wrought and desperate. God would have His servants content with the least of His mercies yet they should rush forward like madmen to attain it ... in their desperate need of salvation they run at God diving through any open window of mercy or any unlatched door of grace. Salvation may begin with the quiet introduction to an altogether charming God but it should always climax with the revelation of the truth of the Cross and the desperate measures taken to save desperate man who is in need of the Truth to define the question of evil, justice, love, and forgiveness. Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God.