The dictionary describes PEACE as follows: "Freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions." If you notice the plants in a greenhouse, they are nurtured and protected because the environmental conditions are stable regardless of the weather conditions on the outside. Likewise, JESUS said: "PEACE I leave with you, MY PEACE I give unto you." This was spoken to His Disciples, and to us who are His followers. When we practice this inner PEACE that JESUS gives, it helps us to think more clearly, so that when disturbing situations or conditions arise, the PEACE we have, stabilizes us and induce calmness and assurance.
Dr. Robert Oppenheimer , who supervised the creation of the first automatic bomb, appeared before a Congressional Committee. They inquired of him if there was any defence against the weapon. "Certainly", he said. "And that is..." Then he looked over the hushed, expectant audience and softly said: "PEACE!"
So when situations seem to speak of anything but "PEACE", just intentionally release all unresolved challenges to the care and direction of JESUS; and allow His INNER-PEACE to flow through the activities of your day. The burden of worry will diminish, and you''ll experience greater productivity; as you allow the empowering grace of the Lord to operate in ALL areas of your life.