Tanzania Trails: Why We Do What We Do

Michael’s Statement After 50 years of preaching and reading scriptures I have become convinced God’s heart is tilted toward the poor, the outcast, the helpless, the widows and orphans. Scriptures like James 1:27, Matt 25:31-46, Isaiah 58:6 -14 and Prov 21:13 plus a host of others compel me to help. Helping the poor is not an option with me. It is the very heart of God. Saint Francis of Assisi made the statement and I believe it to be true, “When you leave this earth you can take nothing with you that you have received; only what you have given.” Jesus, the only Son of God, time and time again as he dealt with the poor, the hungry, the lost and the helpless showed us how we should feel toward the poor. Once when 5,000 people were hungry and helpless, Mark 6:34 sums up Jesus’ heart for me, “When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them....” May the things that touched Jesus’ heart touch ours as well. Dorris’ Statement After taking tours of Neema House on more than one loud and messy occasion, visitors have expressed this sentiment, “Oh My, how can you stand this!” On any particular day a whole room of babies may be sick with a bug, they do share germs along with pacifiers and sucking fingers quite frequently. Consequently a whole room of babies may be sick and crying, with snotty noses running down their lips, diarrhea pooh everywhere on you and your clothes, spit up down your back and running warm down your arm, you are carrying one baby in a sling on your back and one being comforted in front while trying to take the temperature of another one! It seems quite reasonable to ask the question, “For the Love of God how can anyone do this!” I want to tell them, “Yes, that is why!” For the Love of God. Here are some photos that will help you understand why we do what we do. These are all new babies who have come to live at Neema House in the last few weeks: Formula for these babies is very expensive. Our formula bill runs about $1500 per month! On May 3, in Temple, TX, we are doing a 5 K Run to help buy formula for these babies. Register to run by going to our website: www.tanzaniaorphanhelp.com. Grace to you, Michael and Dorris Fortson