Winding Down

With the holiday season winding down The promise of a new year before us we should remember that somethings just do not change from season to season or year-to-year. Jesus is always the reason for the season. But he is also the reason for life the reason for living the reason for loving and the reason we have hope all the year round.
As I face another year on the path to Eternity I am coming to terms with my own mortality. I am no longer young and invincible. I no longer see this great divide between good and evil, or the need for striving after the goal. I simply see an aging tired soul in need of Jesus. I no longer feel the need to lead but instead I find peace with a younger man at the helm. I find myself doing things I never thought I could never thought I would but that''s what happens when Jesus is the reason. As a young man I looked forward with awe and wonder that all the possibilities. As I age another year I find myself looking back with awe and wonder at all the Jesus has done.
Let the new year be a mirror of Christ A promise of enduring hope of that is to be and a state of awe at all the possibilities.