Salvation For Muslims

By Michael Paul, CEO, Salvation For Muslims

Mohammed, the “prophet” of Islam, claimed that the Quran was “his miracle,” given to him by Allah. According to the Qur’an, Allah forbids its translation from the original Arabic language, yet, as “god,” he supposedly created the approximately 6,500 different languages in the world. This is one of the things that preoccupied my mind for years during the time I was a Muslim follower. How could “the prophet of Islam” insist that all people in every nation must commit to follow the Qur’an and Islam as it is written in its original language, or be subjected to death and suffering in Hell? How will non-Arabic speaking people be held to such a standard if they are incapable of grasping the intricacies of the language of the Qur’an and knowing the cultural implications of the teachings as originally intended? There are so many people in the world who have no knowledge of the Arabic language, so why would the god of Islam forbid the translation of his teachings if this would more easily facilitate the proselytizing of foreigners? In fact, there are many who dwell in the Middle East region who might understand the language, but would still have difficulty grasping the manner in which the Qur’an is written. It is worded is such a way that those outside the immediate culture would struggle to understand the metaphors and intent of the dialogue.
Herein lies one substantial reason for the misconception of Islam as a “religion of peace.” Eventually, the Qur’an was translated to many other languages, despite the restriction given by Mohammed. Westerners are misled and deluded because of the false translations and the intentional “softening” of the language originally used, in order to draw more followers to Islam. This is how western people can be convinced of their need to convert and even to go to their death in jihad and fight in religious war on the side of Islam. Recruiters are trained to recognize easy targets within the culture of other nations, especially those who are disillusioned by their current circumstances and have some issues of disagreement and distrust for their own people and government.
Along with the the stipulation to retain the Qur’an only in its original form, Mohammed’s teachings also require a willingness to blindly follow Islam. Any questioning of Islamic teachings, speculating upon the attributes of Allah, or partial compliance to the rules and conditions, subject followers to harsh punishment. Unfortunately, Allah retains the right to change his mind, according to the Qur’an, so there is an absence of a solid standard when evaluating the relationship between Islam as a religion and Muslim followers’ behaviors, beliefs and views of the political system of the state. This leaves Islam open to different interpretations, creating a scapegoat for the failure of Islam. Does the failure of individual, sometimes radical, Islamists indicate the failure of Islam as a religion? If we ask any religiously observant Muslim whether the failure of certain extreme Islamists and their mistakes should be counted against Islam, the answer will be without any hesitation, “NO”. However, if the same person is asked whether the success achieved by some less radical Islamists should be credited to Islam. We would, as expected receive the answer, “Yes!”. This creates a double standard.
There is a portion of Islamists who are radicalized in their actions. They cling to the violence and hatred taught in the Qur’an and they look ahead to the future portrayed in the writings: a world dominated by Islamic rule, where there will be tangible rewards for those faithful to the cause. Some Muslim people believe Islamic rule is the only way to improve their miserable lives, but it is seen again and again how the Islamic State fails. Consider the political leadership examples in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Afghanistan. The effort to provide elected officials who will lead their nations according to the Islamic design, end in greed, corruption and violence. The failure of those who rule the state by the texts of the Qur’an and Mohammed’s Hadith is simply the failure of Islam. If these radical Islamists do not represent “Peaceful Islam,” then why have Muslims elected so many them to government leadership? If these extremist Islamists do represent Islam, then how can their failure not be a failing to Islam? These groups, such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaida, ISIS, etc. flourish because they grow like a cancer, reaching their deadly tendrils into all facets of the cultures of numerous nations. They are so solidly attached, that no radiation or medication will help. The only hope is complete removal, eradication.
How can I possibly trust the claim that Islam is a “Religion of Peace” when we see the repeated violence being perpetrated on its behalf? The mass extermination of disbelievers, the conquering of territory in the name of the Islamic state, the raping and kidnapping of women and children, and the publicized beheadings of innocent American and British prisoners have all given evidence to the contrary, all proof of the lie, and thus proving those presenting the Islamic propaganda in the west have failed. I simply don’t accept that Islam is a religion of peace.
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