The Sinner

I woke from a drunken stupor
A life of sin and no care
To a place where I looked around
And found nobody was there
I reached out to my friends and my family
But no more words would they share
Alone in a world I created
I cried out to God in despair
I wanted to tell him, “I’m sorry”
For the careless way I had lived
I wanted the Lord to forgive me
For doing the evils I did
My seeking became an obsession
A constant search with no rest
I rent my clothing in anguish
I beat at the pain in my breast
I needed to have His forgiveness
The thought of rejection, the fear
Not wanting to wake up in hell
For things I had done through the years
So I ran to the hills where He taught
But they said go and check at the inns
I searched in the beautiful garden
I missed him again and again
I went to the rocks in the desert
I searched in the mountains of trees
I sought him by all of the beaches
When I found him I fell to my knees
“Forgive me, oh Lord, please have mercy,
I repent for all of my ways.”
The tears that were shed were too late
Still I cried all the rest of my days
I woke from a sleep I had taken
Alone in a place with a man
A brightness around him was glowing
A bowl he held in his hand
He knew of my past and my longing
My quest and the searching for years
Of the turnabout change in my heart
Of the numerous shedding of tears
He said, “I did not leave or forsake you
I walked with you each step of the way
I heard you each time you were crying
And collected the tears from each day
Though you humbled yourself in repentance
And carried your burdens alone
I was there to carry it for you
Until you should come to your home
I felt all your sorrow and sadness
When you saw me and thought you were lost
That your chance for salvation was over
When you looked at me there on the cross.”