Is That You, Lord?

Listening to Godís voice during prayer time is a fairly new concept to me. Iíve tried it several times, purposely stopping any silent prayers and just listening, listening, listening. . for Godís word to me. I heard absolutely nothing other than my own breathing and some restless movements in church.
Where was His voice? Is God mad at me or am I so unfamiliar with his voice that I didnít hear it?
Finally the prayer came to an end and I listened to the sermon. It was good to actually be able to hear someone speak! Why didnít I hear God speaking to me? Somewhat discouraged, I continued to ponder this on my way home from church.
Not long after my experience I became involved in a Bible study in which the subject of Godís voice came up again. We were reading the classic, ďExperiencing God,Ē by Henry Blackabee. When I opened to the chapter on Godís voice, my interest grew and my hope for hearing God revived. It was with immense satisfaction I learned that God speaks to various individuals in differing ways. Furthermore I learned that God sometimes speaks through scripture, people, books, sermons, songs, nature, radio programs and countless other means.
What relief I felt that God wasnít turning His back on me. He just chose a method of communication suited to my style of expression. He used messages to impact me over the radio while I was washing the dishes. Books I read connected to a Bible study became ways He talked to me.
Comforted, I began to pay even closer attention to these resources. In my mind, I started each program or book with a small prayer such as ďOkay, Lord, what would You like to say?Ē I noticed that His significant points usually jumped out at me and pertained to a prayer request Iíd made earlier.
Recently God has inundated me with His communication. During a period of time, Iíve noticed the same theme from a study on peace-making at work, a Leadership Summit at church, a Bible study on victorious living with a friend, and topics covered in our Christian marriage counseling. Yes, I think He definitely has something to say to me personally!
What a joy it is to realize that with Christians praying all over the world, God still delights to speak to each of us individually. He knows us and what we need. He cares enough to give us His thoughts by transmitting them in the way we can best understand Him. Itís up to us to realize it is God thatís speaking to us. Join with me as we listen and learn from Him.