Faith in the News

Stephen Hawking, considered to be one of the great minds in modern scientific theory, is now warning that the “God Particle” may be the death of us.
The Higgs Boson, or God Particle, is supposed to have been the key to our existence. Science credits it with the very existence of matter and it’s discovery was supposed to prove the universe created it’s self. But, now that man has the ability through particle physics to closely examine such things it’s believed we have the ability to abuse it and make it a destructive force.
That is a long ways off according to Hawking, who also believes aliens or artificial intelligence may destroy us some day.
I have news for Mr. Hawking…That is not in God’s plan.
I read some horribly sick stories today in the news. Things that prove that man is basically depraved. Things that concern me far more than aliens or anything that could destroy the earth. While the sinful nature of man is part of understanding our problem with God and our need for a savior, the Christians job is not to say “Look what the world has come to!” But instead the Christian should be proclaiming “Look what has come into the world!”
God has the answer to everything man can dish out. All mans potential destructiveness is nothing compared to the will of God for our salvation. Nothing can happen to mankind that God does not allow - and allow for. Fear mongers prey on our irrational nature and once they achieve their objective they have control as people look for answers. God said hundreds of times in His word “do not fear”; I think He knows something we don’t.
God’s prophetic calendar assures us that people like Hawking are wrong.
In other news another church-state controversy is unfolding in the U.S. Air Force. A sergeant who wishes to re-enlist is being told that he must swear “…so help me God” as part of his re-enlistment oath. The Air Force is the only branch of the service that requires this phrase letting other service people chose to use it or not. It may shock some of you but I agree with that policy. To force a profession of obedience to a God one does not believe in is the equivalent of forced prayer and is in truth causing the person to take the name of God in vain; breaking a commandment.
Don’t get me wrong, I wish everyone wanted to honor God in service to their country. I wish God was called on for protection and strength and wisdom for all service men. I think this would strengthen our military immensely. I would hope the man next to me in battle were a praying man, but the skills to be a good soldier are not reserved to biblical adherents.
To quote the article on MSN news “The requirement violates the US Constitution, which bars religious tests to hold office or other positions, Miller said of the case, which was first reported by the Air Force Times.
"The government cannot compel a nonbeliever to take an oath that affirms the existence of a supreme being," she said.”
I would rather fight to allow Christian service men and women to share their faith than to force Atheists to take an oath they don’t believe. I’m glad it’s in the pledge but let it be an option. Let the Atheists have their beliefs and the Christians have theirs.
The part of this whole controversy that bothers me the most is the results of a poll taken by MSN news that shows 72% of those responding think service men and women should take the pledge including a pledge to God. Without agreeing or disagreeing with the poll what bothers me is the numbers on the poll would be a mandate in any election. Three quarters of the country want God to be in government affairs. They want God-fearing leaders and God-fearing soldiers. They want God acknowledged in America. But too often special interest groups win out as though to hear the name of God used rightly is un-natural yet to have the names of God used profanely or in vain is a right to free speech. There are times when the majority should rule and true democracy should win out. The courts should not decide religious freedom.
No one should be forced to pledge to God, but everyone should be allowed to speak of Him freely and openly as the foundations of this country were laid on the right to practice your religion without government interference, which is the true meaning and intent of the first amendment of the constitution.