At His Feet Keep

Keep me at your feet
At His Feet Keep me at your feet
Precious Savior of my soul;
Ever learning, ever growing,
Ever being made whole.

Keep me always at those feet, Lord
Beneath them placing every care.
With my eyes fastened on you
And the wounds I see there.

Let me start each day from there, Lord--
At your precious bleeding feet--
Not leaving till I''m washed clean
By that sacrifice complete.

Let me stay there till I''ve filled up
And feasted on your words.
Only then can I step out and share
With others what I''ve heard.

Don''t let me get too far away
From where those feed did bleed,
From where You''ll always welcome me
And meet my every need.

From where I always have a place
To come back to and hide.
Lord, just like Mary, I desire To at Thy feet abide.