My Lord and My God

My Lord and My God. My Savior and My Master. You are truly the King of everything. From the·beginning You always existed and then you spoke - just one word and created all that there is and all there will ever be. You placed each star in the sky and each planet in its'' place. You set each planet spinning just so. The glory of all the heavens shines each day giving glory to you and your wondrous powers. And yet a thousand stars bursting into bright auras or the sun shining its'' very brightest, or the most magnificent explosion from space can never capture the brightness or glory of your most perfect majesty.
The oceans and the rivers flow endlessly. Each river and stream in the mountains flows without end a-eating majestic waterfalls, all created by my Lord. When I see the mountains rising to the sky, I can''t help but think what an awesome God you are that this beauty is what you chose to create. There are mountains underneath the deepest ocean which we have never seen, but you have seen and if what I can see captures my imagination so, what then would I see in all your creation that I am not even able to · imagine?
Each day brings a different part of your creation so alive and real. When I am taking a walk I walk along and notice the majesty of the clouds in the sky. The sky is so immense and so beautiful whether it is churning with gray clouds bringing thunderstorms or whether it is a deep azure blue with the sun shining so brightly. It is like this giant protective canopy you have placed over us all. The clouds are so pure and white, like the home of a thousand angels with their wings spread over the skies. What a God I worship that was alone and with a thought and a spoken word created this beauty. For yourself - this is what You love and You think is beauty. And if this is what is here, I can not wait to see what glorious creations await those of us who are your children in the home we call Heaven.
I praise you my God for my body and each function I have that you have blessed me with. I pray God that when I am feeling sad over a loss of one thing, when I am crying over a part of me I wish were different, that You would remind me God that you made me and created me just the way you wanted me. That I am your child and that you don''t make mistakes. Does the giraffe cry because he wanted a short neck like the elephant? Maybe the wolves cry because they wanted the big trunk? No, God you made each of your creatures exactly the way you wanted them. They are a1l different. And each of your children are different. Me, I praise you each morning God that I have use of my lungs, my eyes, my ears, my hands, my thumbs, my legs and feet, my tongue and mouth. I pray God that with the rising of each new day I would be reminded to use my mind and my body to your glory, not only in service to you, but in remembering that I belong to you and you made me. I give you glory and praise and gratitude for myself and each blessing I have.
I give you praise God when I stand at the edge of your oceans. I look as far as my eyes can see and the oceans go on and on and on. Each wave continues to come forth and crash on the beach. The seashells are coming by an endless supply straight from your hands to the shore.·" There are starfish and jellyfish and whales and sharks and conchs, mmvelous sand crabs that run sideways up the beach and down into their tunnels. What an imaginatio1J11ny God has. A crab that runs sideways. And to watch dozens of them at once. What ftl amazing thing to bring your children so much enjoyment. You have filled the skies with the most beautiful birds. The robins with their red breasts hopping through the grass selrching out by the instinct You gave it the worms for its young. The woodpeckers on the trees hollowing out little home, by the instinct You gave it, for its'' young. Th~owls with its ability to tum its head around like it does and the eagle who soars through the mountains with huge beautiful majestic wing spans. You created such colors in the bird kingdom. My gosh, the bright blues and greens and reds in all your creation of these flying wonders.
My Lord and My God I give you all the praise and glory and worship for you alone are deserving of it. You alone created the planets, the stars, the sun and moon, the rain which gives drink to this earth, the winds, the trees, giant redwoods, breathtaking dogwoods, giant pines, the sturdy oaks and the willows that bend so gracefully with the winds. You created every flower and every blade of grass that our eyes will ever see, every song a bird sings and every breath of air that I breathe. I give you glory and honor and praise God for all these things and millions more. But what I give praise the most for is the incredible gift of my eternal life. I thank you for Jesus. I thank you for his tender mercies and his grace. I thank you for his compassion and his sacrifice. I thank you that you created all there has ever been and all there will ever be and yet in the midst of all this enormous creation of yours, you have the time to hear my prayers, to answer them, to be with me, just one of your millions of children. You comfort me and give me a peace that is so far beyond my human understanding. You are truly my God, my Lord, my Master, the Ruler of my Life. I love you.