In My Father's House

His name is Jason. He is six years old, and he is our youngest grandchild. Jason was born with Down''s Syndrome, a birth defect caused by missing chromosomes. Its symptoms can range from mild to extremely severe, one of which is mental retardation.
The initial shock when told that our little grandchild will be born with Down''s Syndrome was devastating, its pain cutting into our souls like a sword. "Why, Lord, why?" we cried to God. Which was and is the most foolish way to carry our anguish and pain to the Lord. Instead, we should have humbled ourselves in prayer before Him, leaning on His love and guidance which He extends to all His children, all the time.
Then Jason was born, and he looked like newborn babies do--sbft and innocent and perfectly shaped. But the Down''s Syndrome was there. The first three years of baby Jason''s life will be crucial to his development--for the Syndrome to remain mild or become severe, the physician said.
We felt an overwhelming love for this precious baby even before he was born. The Lord was working His wonders in teaching us to see and feel that "something" which makes children like Jason special--His special children, and our special children. "In my Father''s house are many mansions" (John 14:2), Jesus said to His apostles, and one of those mansions must be a place prepared for God''s "special children."
Jason is a sweet child, full of light and full of love. In his world, there is no evil, no "bad" persons. Jason loves people! He extends his hand to total strangers, saying "Hi!" and introducing himself to them, his little face lit up with a smile which makes these strangers feel good. And they respond to him. They stop and talk to him and walk away with a smile; a genuine smile, like Jason''s. It was the most wonderful, heart-warming experience to watch our little grandson''s "socializing" during their recent visit from California. And I can''t help thinking what a wonderful world our world would be if all of us the world over could extend a friendly hand to each other with a genuine smile that says, "we are brothers and sisters in spirit, made in God''s Image with love."
Yes, what a wonderful world our world would be!