He Heard My Cry

After spring break, my church life group started studying The Daniel Plan by Rick Warren. The plan is a process that provides a healthy eating lifestyle with Godís help.
I wasnít all that enthused about using the Daniel Plan having an over weight problem. I had used countless other diets and they failed to make a lasting impact on my weight. I did indeed grimace and grunt a little under my breath, but I told myself that I should give God a try for forty days.
Weekly my life group began to share recipes and eat foods that were on the Daniel Plan. We also exercised and prayed together. The Daniel Plan makes many references to scripture that helps to motivate you to commit your body to God.
While studying The Daniel Plan I found out that the starches, sugars and white pastas were just not nutritionally filling. I slowly attempted to weed those food out of my life. I was in the habit of eating volumes of food daily. No amount of food could fill me up. My appetite was insatiable. It was always food first, then everybody and everything later.
As the stress level in my life increased I began to develop an eating disorder. I would eat to the point of agony. I was so painfully full that I resorted to self induced vomiting to give myself some relief. It was imperative that I had plenty of that horrible chalky indigestion medicine, also. It was a spiraling mess. Most of the time these over feeding frenzies happened at supper time and I would spend countless nights without proper sleep.
I was also turning to food for comfort from my anxieties and life worries instead of turning to the one true Comforter the Lord.
Another more vicious plaque from overeating was that I suffered from constipation. This was predicament that was torturous and agonizing year after year. Daily I was terrified to have a bowel movement. I can now say that this nuisance is gone from my life. I have normal elimination. What a joyous blessing.
Iím beyond ecstatic that without calorie counting, I have lost weight. At this time, I have shed twenty pounds. How absolutely wonderful! Wait a minute, isnít the Lordís name Wonderful?
Iím in awe that I can say no to sodas and sweet desserts. It was my custom to have it all and eat it all. Now I can make wiser choices. I had lied to myself that I could eat like the rest of the world eats. I did not consider my body as a temple for my God.
Now I know that the scales have fallen from my eyes. I have had fun eating many different nutritious foods that the lord provides for on this earth. In some ways I was actually limiting the variety of foods I was eating.
If one wants to lose weight and become healthier, I recommend the Daniel Plan. Itís so enlightening. One can learn more of a God that is mighty and loving.
After waiting for many years for an answer my God heard my cry. He delivered me from that food Idol that robbed me from living healthily I will cling to my God, how about you?