Do You Desire God?

Is there a longing in your heart for the things of God? Do you seek to know Him on a more personal level? Of course you want to go to heaven; we all want to go to heaven, but do you want to stand before God when you get there? Are you preparing for that day? Can you answer the question “Do you desire God?”

Of course you want God’s favor. You want His blessings on your life. You want your children to grow up strong and successful and moral; you want peace in your heart and a song on your lips but do you want His righteousness in your life? Does your life model what God wants - are you setting an example of obedience to God? Are you ready to give up what YOU want for what God wants? Do you desire God?

Oh, brothers and sisters, weep before a Mighty God that He may comfort you. Lay your souls bare before His hand that He may pluck out the things that defile you. Desire only God and His righteousness that He may give you everything else.

If you ever want to behold His righteousness take hold of it NOW! If you want to know His grace and mercy desire Him now! Eternal life begins now for those who desire Him now, and most likely will never be for those who plan to desire Him later.

God says to trust Him. God says to humble yourself. God warns you not to harden your hearts against Him. These things you will heed if you desire Him. No one can love God and dismiss these things.

Do you desire God? The wicked desire their own pleasure and mock God and scoff at the Gospel. Those who desire God want what He wants and rejoice when His will is done. God’s Word is a stumbling block for the wicked but for those who desire God it is a heavenly message of hope.

The desire for God its self comes from God because we cannot desire that which we do not know. God revealed Himself in His creation, in His Son, in His Word, and in the work of the Spirit; in these He answers the question of His existence. Those who do not know God don’t desire to know Him so you must ask this question “Do you desire God?”

Desiring God is a full blown act of submission. It’s not the things you do or don’t do; that’s what it looks like but that’s not what it is. To desire God is to make Him pre-eminent; the start of your day and the beginning of your purpose.

The funny thing about desiring God is that it grows. You dare not compare your passion today with your passion of yesterday because it may look nothing like what you hoped or expected. The more knowledge you gain the more you desire to change. The more you grow the more you recognize your need for growth. But ultimately it all starts with the answer to the question…”Do you desire God?”