On the 5th day

On the 5th day of creation, God created all water-dwelling animals, such as sharks, whales, shrimp, manatees... and octopuses. Sailors long ago believed that octopuses hid at the bottom of the sea waiting to crush ships and kill sailors. However, octopuses are not nearly big enough to crush ships; the very biggest ones being about 16 feet long and weighing only about 600 pounds.
Octopuses are also rather shy. When people or predators come, they have the God-given ability to change the color and even the texture of their body to blend in with their surroundings. Amazingly, octopuses can change the color and texture of their bodies up to 20 times in one minute! If the first getaway tactic does not work, the octopus can squirt a cloud of dark ink in the enemies face and then use jet propulsion to get away quickly.
Octopuses belong to a family of mollusks called cephalopods. This family includes the squid and the nautilus, and of course, octopuses. There are two major divisions of octopuses: incerrina and cirrate. Incerrina octopuses are the more commonly known of the two and they tend to live in shallower water. Incerrina octopuses have no hard parts of their body except their beak, enabling them to squeeze through very tiny cracks and crevices in rocks. Cirrate octopuses, on the other hand, have a protective inner shell and also two fins.
God created octopuses with superior intelligence compared to other invertebrates. In fact, octopuses are thought to be as smart as pet cats. Scientists have tested octopuses on their intelligence in many ways. They have been tested on puzzles, jars with screw top lids, and even clam shells that have been wired together. In all tests, octopuses passed with nearly 100%.
God created the octopus and many other animals with the desire to play. Octopuses in captivity often get bored, so people will give them toys, such as plastic blocks. One octopus was recorded playing with an empty pill bottle for more than 20 minutes.
Of all the animals God has created, one of the oddest most amazing would be the octopus. There is no way that something as intricate or as smart as an octopus could evolve over millions of years. With its eight arms covered with suction cups and its sharp beak, the octopus is completely original. Not to mention its intelligence, or how it can change colors. These animals have definitely been designed by the all powerful, all knowing, Creator of All Things.