Are stories of Heaven for Real?

I went to the movie “Heaven is for Real”, the story of the four year old who sees heaven in a vision or dream or what have you…or did he?
They say he didn’t die. While on the operating table he never lost his pulse and never stopped breathing. However, unless this is a concocted story; a fabrication to get fame and money; something happened during his appendix surgery to change the life of Colton Burpo.
These stories have come along from time to time ever since I can remember. They don’t change the world, they give us nothing tangible for all the fuss and they seem to create more questions than they answer. I think the big question is this: What is the purpose of all these “near death” experiences or visions of heaven? If God is involved there must be a purpose, but nothing really changes that trusting in the Word of God and a little faith wouldn’t accomplish…There IS a heaven, so what? Now what do you do to get there. These stories never address that.
These are “feel - good” stories that tell us something we want to hear. Everyone wants there to be a heaven and everyone wants to go there; they just don’t want the God of the Bible to be there when they get there – this God who demands our obedience and our worship. And therein lies the How-to question of going to heaven. Believing God is worthy of our obedience and worship. Sitting on Jesus lap and seeing that Jesus has a horsy and meeting great-great grandpa and the sister who died in momma’s belly…how cool is that for a four year old? Now match that vision up with what Isaiah saw and what the Apostle John saw; hardly seems like the same place, in fact, I’m certain it’s not.
Isaiah and John saw visions that centered on the glory of God – breath-taking – barely describable. Grown men fall to their knees and tremble at what they were shown. Four year old Colton Burpo mentions it casually in conversation and has to have it coaxed out of him with carefully worded questions. John saw twenty-four saints lay their crowns and the feet of Jesus. Colton sat in the presence of the trinity with the Holy Spirit by his side and prayed for dad. The scriptures speak of winged creatures with eyes covering their bodies and Colton saw Jesus’ horse. The Angel Gabriel told Zacharias he stands in the presence of God. Colton says Gabriel sits at the Fathers left hand opposite Jesus who is on the right. Quite a lofty perch for a messenger.
At the very least the story of Colton Burpo is “extra-biblical”. In this day and age of so many cults and beliefs what do we have to verify facts with except the Bible? If it doesn’t match with Biblical truth we must dismiss it. Spiritual activity which isn’t of God can only come from one source. For those who think it’s too nice a story to be Satanic I pose this question: How close to the real thing would Satan get to deceive you? Once he gets you hooked on visions and such he can take you anywhere.
I am insinuating something is wrong, but not saying this is Satanic. All I’m saying for sure is it can’t be supported biblically and it doesn’t lead people to salvation. God has used it to make for good conversation and dialogue but all that shows is God can take anything and use it for His glory.
So the Burpo’s got their medical bills paid and a little bit of fame. We got to see a movie that had a pleasant message. But there is no theology involved here nor any promises. Trust the Word of God, Heaven is real and it’s SO much more than what Colton Burpo saw.