Such a Time as This

For Such a Time as This
By Sandra Moats
For such a time as this we were born to live on earth. True Christians will shine during these end times. I believe that we are all in a great training process right now. Most of the sisters and brothers are going through great trials as never before experienced in their lives. It is like a new time is upon us and God is quiet about what and why all the things that are happening. You can be sure that He has a plan and He knows what you are going through. This is the time to walk by His Word in blind faith following His leading.

Currently many nations find themselves in great trials and tribulations. Mt 24:21. There are many being persecuted for their faith. Mt 24:9. Just last month 48 brothers and sisters in Kenya died for their faith. The great host of martyrs in Heaven is growing quickly so they may take their place beside their white horses to soon return with Christ. Rev 19:14. Christians everywhere must stand and be counted. Php 3:7.

There has been a great falling away over the last ten years. Though numbers seem to have grown the vibrant Christian life of believers has decreased. Many nations have decreased in numbers while others have grown. Europe for instance is dying with less than 10% of the population who claim any connection to a church. “A Christian nurse in Britain today could be suspended for offering to pray for a patient, when it was Christians who had set in place many of the institutions and public services now taken for granted.”

China has grown with now over 100 million believers. Through much suffering of the saints there the church has been experiencing a great revival. I have been blessed to have bathed in His Spirit among new believers there that have brought whole villages to Christ, many times through a great miracle that touched a local citizen. Sometimes a village is won through a young woman who gives up her opportunity to get married and instead she becomes an evangelist.

In America it remains dry ground, even drier than the great drought that many of our states are suffering. Many speak of revival and there are great conferences and teachings, but there is little of the real stuff happening. The stuff is what John Wimber, founder of the Vineyard movement, talked about. He came to Christ and was disappointed that he didn’t see what the Bible talked about happening in services. Later as a pastor he fasted and prayed for two years asking the Lord to reveal Himself and touch others supernaturally. When God began to move things happened and thousands were touched, saved and healed.

The stuff is the moving of God’s Spirit in salvation, miracles, healings, spiritual songs and happenings. Mr 16:16-18. No one has to advertise what is happening for it is broadcast from those who have been supernaturally touched by God. Such is the case in China where they hear from someone who has been touched and they want Jesus too.

Why does America remain dry? Perhaps it is because our nation began as a Christian nation with even our school book being the Bible and now some two hundred years later we have turned away from God with the Bible no longer is even being allowed in our public schools. We have in the truest form become a harlot nation. Na 3:4. We have great need to humble ourselves, pray and turn from our wicked ways so that God can heal our land. 2 Chr 7:14.

Our forefathers were men and women of faith and faithfulness. They stood up for their belief in God. They were committed and put their lives on the line to be able to live in a free country. Perhaps it will take a great shaking and rumbling for America to find the true believers that will stand at attention for service of the Kingdom of God. Being a Christian is not slipping in a witness, but rather being a fearless, bold witness. Pr 29:25. It is taking a stand against all that crosses the Holy Scriptures.

Taking a stand is not condemning, but rather not participating in sin and indifference. It entails falling on our knees in prayer and standing in the face of persecution. I hear many talking against things that happen which they feel go against Scripture, but few set aside equal time to pray for the things or for those whom they speak against. Mt 5:44. May God forgive us for He alone can heal our land.

We all want to see the miracle of a land touched by God. Yet how many will lay down their life of comfort and go where God calls for them to go? Ps 2:8; Isa 6:8.

Heidi Baker is a Christian missionary and with her husband Rolland, they laid down their life of comfort to go. The Bakers ministered in Asia for twelve years and in 1995 they started a new ministry to the poor and homeless children in Mozambique. They were given a run down orphanage by the government in Maputo along with 80 children to take care of. The orphanage grew to over 5000 children.
Heidi began going to villages to preach. She asked for the people who were deaf to come forward so she could pray for them to be healed. When they were healed she preached to the whole village and then won them to Christ. “Heidi believes God is calling a generation forward to be “laid-down lovers for Him, to walk in the ways He walked, and to follow His Sermon on the Mount as their instructions for their Christian walk.” There are documented healings of deaf where Heidi has been. Now this is the stuff I am talking about.

During the Jesus Movement, the Charismatic Move and in the China revival I witnessed and experienced these things happening. In the Jesus Movement I was instantly healed of kidney disease that I had for eight years. It was nothing less than a miracle. Many others were also healed of various diseases and delivered of drugs and alcohol.

Reinhard Bonnke went to Africa in 1972 with a call of God on his life and the promise that “Africa shall be saved!” Him ministry there grew to huge crusades with thousands in attendance. There have been incredible healing miracles of God that have happened in those crusades. He has spent thirty-five years in Africa and brought over 74 million souls to Christ. Even one man was miraculously resurrected after being dead for three days.

“Reinhard Bonnke said the Holy Spirit told him in a dream, “America will be saved!” He said, “I have come to love my country, but my heart is burning as I witness the staggering decline of morals and faith in this nation,” says Bonnke, who recently became a U.S. citizen. “America needs the gospel like never before. Despite years of sharing God’s saving message abroad, I believe God is now calling me to turn my ministry inward to help America find renewal and revival.”

Currently there is the grass roots movement that might be the beginning of a great spiritual awakening in America. Billy Graham, Reinhard Bonnke will host Good News Gospel Crusades beginning this year across America along with Billy Graham, Harvest Crusades Jesus Culture, and others great ministries who have been drawn together for such a time as this.

Wherever you live this is the time brother and sister to lay aside your own pursuits. Pray and seek the face of God for the souls around you. Open your mouth and share the goodness of the Lord and the hope of glory that Jesus extends to every person. Ac 2:8. Take a stand against sin and hold your ground. Do not bend to the leading of the world, but be as iron against sin. That is how one man will sharpen another. Pr 27:17. You are called for such a time as this on earth. God has picked you to live in this hour on earth. This is the time to stand up and do exploits as the Lord leads. Da 11:32 . Dear brother and sister you are called, now be faithful and be chosen as God’s own instrument for such a time as this. 1Pe 2:9.