Father of Fathers

Here we are one year later and we are celebrating fatherís day one more time. For some it may be their first year being a father and obviously it is their wife who will celebrate this occasion with the father of her child. And as the years pile up and the child gets older they too will begin to celebrate you being their father. Much in the same way you did with your father, and as he did with his. There will be hugs and kisses for the love you have shown or there wonít be because you never showed any love. There will be gifts, maybe a tie or socks or maybe that special one of a kind tool that they saw on that late night info commercial. And of course they may take you to eat or possibly have a barbecue in the back yard so everyone can come. For most there will be some show of appreciation for the fact that you are the tree they sprang from.
All this lets dad know how much you care for him, but this year letís look at something that all of us should think about and that is who was the first father and most importantly father of us all. To do this we have to look to the Bible for an accurate answer and description of him. Of course I am speaking of God the Father. The Alpha and Omega. The Beginning and the End. From whom all things come. Just imagine for a moment that our father had no need for us. We could not give him wealth or power. He already had that. We cannot give him eternal life that he has offered to us if only we would accept him as our savior. We have nothing of this world that we can offer him, because he made it all. Not out of things he collected or purchased. For in the beginning it was only him. God is everything, he tells us in the scriptures that nothing is, that has not always been. Or that always will be. So in essence everything came from him. Out of him came all the things in our lives. The home we live in the jobs we have, the family we share our lives with. The money and the wealth we store up. Yes he has given us everything even the price we needed to pay for our sinful ways. The price of an unblemished first born lamb. And even in that sacrifice he gave himself. As Jesus told us, if you have seen me you have seen the father and if you have seen the father you have seen me.
Now we are getting to the important part of this message, we are told in scripture that God is the head of Jesus, Jesus the head of the man, the man head of the woman, the woman the head of the children. In the military we would call that the chain-of-command. It is not meant to indicate that anyone is better or worse because of where they are in the chain. But that someone has to be in charge or no one will be heading in the same direction. They will all go their own way with or without knowledge of the mission or plan. God sent Jesus here in order to show us how to live in the flesh bodies and how to follow the laws of our father. And of course to be our sacrificial lamb that we may have forgiveness and grace which we ourselves could never purchase without the blood of Jesus.
In turn we as men of God are called to live by every word of God and to treat our wives as Jesus has treated us. If we do that then our wives and children are blessed by their husbands and fathers the way God intended.
So what the heck am I saying? Well I am telling you that God has and will continue to be the greatest father any of us will ever know. He has shown our fathers how to care for us, provide for us, and how to help us become Christians. Through being a Christian we are able to be the light of the world.
Besides all this if we embrace Christianity we, wither man or woman become the workers that God the Father intended us to be. He tells us that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. As a son of a godly man and a father of godly children I have dedicated my life to increasing the workers so that the harvest is all brought in before the storm. Without the love my God showed my dad and the love my dad showed me I would have sons and daughters that were lost to eternal life. But as it is we have all been harvested and are working to bring in the rest of the harvest.
So go up to your earthly father on June 15 and give him a hug and tell him thanks for following God and if he needs a new bible get him one! Most likely he has worn the other one out trying to raise you to be the child of God you are. Being in service to the Lord and the Pastor of Moonlight Drive Fellowship Church I wish all of you a wonderful and blessed fatherís day.

Pastor C.W.
God Bless