On the 6th day of creation. God created giraffes. Giraffes are the tallest animals on earth and were once known as “cameleopards” by the Romans because they were as tall as camels and spotted like leopards. In the 1800’s a giraffe was brought to the zoo in Paris and later the spotted pattern of its coat became popular in womens fashion.
Giraffes may look long and gangly with their 6 foot neck and long legs, but they are actually very graceful on the African plains were they live. As is evident with the giraffe, God was very imaginative when creating animals. The giraffes long neck is useful for eating treetop leaves, and also for spotting predators before they are close enough to really be a threat. Surprisingly, giraffes have only 7 vertebrae in their neck the same number that humans have. God designed giraffes to have very powerful heart and lungs to accommodate their long neck, The giraffes heart can weight up to 25 pounds and when it pumps. It practically shoots the blood up the neck. In fact, the heart of a giraffe pumps so hard that when the giraffe bends down to get a drink, he could suffer severe brain injury if the giraffe did not have a sponge that intercepted the blood on its way to the brain and then lets the blood out slowly for the brain. Also, giraffes must take very deep breaths to accommodate their long necks.
Male giraffes can weigh up to 3,000 pounds and stand up the 18 feet tall; making then the tallest animals in the world. In the wild their favorite food is acacia leaves and they can eat up to 75 pounds of leaves a day. Interestingly, giraffes are not very dependent on water since the acacia leaves that they eat contain most of the water that they need.
God made giraffes with special tongues. The blue-black color helps to protect their tongues from sunburn, as it gets a lot of sun exposure from eating the leaves of trees. Also, God have given the giraffe tough lips and tongue so they will not get hurt from the thorny acacia trees.
An old African story that tells why the giraffe cannot speak says that the giraffe asked the Great Creator for wisdom so was given the gift to be silent and observing so all the animals would see his wisdom.
Interestingly, all people groups have shared stories of a common creator untill the story of creation had been wildly exected until Charles Darwin, the story of creation had been widely accepted. Unfortunately, many people have strayed from their creator, the creator of all things, Giraffes are a good example where we can clearly see God’s design.