Assurance in the New Year!

New year is time when people are looking back at the past year and are also looking ahead. Looking ahead we have our dreams that we are moving towards and leaving all our successes and our shortcomings behind. God wants to be God of our future and our past. We can look back and see God’s hand as we see that God took us from where and what we were, to where we are, and where we are going. With that we can see his handy work, and have faith that his hand will shape us in our future. This reminds me of a picture of hands molding clay and the story of the lump of clay being molded into a vessel that is ment to be used. The one molding the clay is Jesus and the clay is us. Jesus knows what we came from and he knows what he is making as he molds the shape into something that can be used for his glory. In this way we can look back and see his hand even in those times when we said “Where are you God?”
It is good for us to be able to see God in our past, present and future in this way.
May 2014 be a year that we can truly learn to to rest as sons and daughters, knowing that God is making us so that we can point the way to Jesus.
Happy New Year