Many people start the New Year by making new resolutions..."turning over a new leaf", they say. But sometimes we need to throw out the whole book, and begin with new thoughts; new ideas; new visions; new expectations; and just believe God when He said: "Behold, I will do a NEW THING, and you shall know it." (Isaiah 43:19). So to those who believe, we need to prepare our hearts to receive. Based on the promises of God, we have no power to act in the Present if we lack faith in the future.
The story is told of a little boy who boarded a train. He kept riding all day long - from station to station. A Porter noticed the boy and said: "Boy you''ve been riding this train all day long, but no one saw you pay a fare." The boy in amazement replied: "Sir, don''t you know my father? He''s the Conductor on this train - he paid my fare!" So it is with us at times.
JESUS CHRIST, the Conductor and Commander of our life have already paid our way by paying the ultimate price. He is the WAYMAKER in every aspect of our life. He forgives us when we fail...He heals us when we are sick...He delivers us in times of trouble...He''s our Provider in times of need, and He has prepared a beautiful home for us in our final retirement. "Let not your heart be troubled", He said. "You who believe in God, BELIEVE ALSO IN ME"! (John 14:1) Now, that boy did not see his father pay the fare, but HE KNEW that he was the CONDUCTOR. HE KNEW that his father loved and cared about him...So he rode along with perfect trust and faith, and enjoyed the journey. HOW ABOUT YOU?
Jesus was at a wedding feast in Cana and the embarrassed Host said, "WE HAVE NO MORE WINE". Jesus'' mother responded with all confidence: "WHATEVER HE TELLS YOU TO DO..DO IT!" Through faith, prayer and obedience, He''s still trying to tell us WHAT to do today, as we study His Word. Like the children of Israel, Moses challenged them to "choose you THIS DAY whom you will serve...who will you believe? Where there''s faith and trust...GOD WILL ALWAYS MAKE A WAY...For, HIS WAY is the ONLY WAY! Enjoy A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!