The Holiday Season is here. As we spend time with loved ones and friends - as we celebrate - let us not forget the "Reason for the Season". Let us carry the same joy and happiness throughout the New Year. Let us continue to GIVE LOVE, and the GIVING OF OURSELF which are the best gifts of all. Let the Season remind us of the One whose words demonstrated great love and concern for ALL people. His words healed the sick...fed the multitudes...and comforted the oppressed. For the Word in Isaiah 55:12 declares: "We shall go out with joy, and be led back in peace; the mountains and the hills before us shall burst into song." So, "Do not be afraid, the Angels said; for I''m bringing you GOOD TIDINGS...GOOD NEWS of great joy for ALL people." This same joy that must have filled that mother''s heart so long ago, is your joy throughout the NEW YEAR. This Season is very special; for its not just a also brings a challenge. It challenges us to continue to show love, even it it means going out of our way to do it. It challenges us to promote and impart peace ... It challenges us to pursue new dreams and ambitions, and to seek loftier goals, according to the Will and purpose of God for us. For we have His promise to walk with us and to help us face each change or chalenge in line with the good desires of our heart. YES! He will lead us into the future. Now, therefore, let us prayerfully align our spirit with the Spirit of God, and the possibilities that are before us. The Prophet in Ezekiel 36:26 declares: "A new heart will I give you, and a new Spirit will I put within you". Another Prophet also declares: "Behold, I (GOD), will do a new thing, and you shall know it!" (Isaiah 43:18) So, as we open ourselves to this newness of life, God will give us new thoughts, new ideas, new spiritual understanding, and allow the healing, restorative light of Christ to flood our soul anew. WE WILL WALK IN NEWNESS OF LIFE! (Romans 8:4).