A teacher had been telling her class about the weather in different Seasons. Now she was talking about the variable weather in March. "What is it, she questioned, "that comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb?" A small girl raised her hand and volunteered, "FATHER!" This Season as we remember and pay homage to our father, (Even if he''s just a memory), let''s HONOR HIM!
The dictionary describes a father as a man "who has begotten a child". But a father is more than that. The Bible records a beautiful story of a father''s love for his son: The wayward son left home and squandered all of his inheritance in foolishness and sin. When he had lost all, he returned to the father in shame and repentance. When the father saw him coming, "he ran to meet him." He met him with gladness and forgiveness as he welcomed him back home. Of such is a father''s love!
A father is not just a "figure-head"; he''s the leader of his household. According to one observation, "The words that a father speaks to his children in the privacy of the home, are not heard by the world, as in whispering galleries. They are clearly heard at the end, and by posterity." A father once said: "I don''t want to be a Pal, I want to be a FATHER!" Now, GOD IS THE PERFECT FATHER and He loves us unconditionally. We are faithfully and wonderfully made in His own Image and Likeness; and our very destiny is in His Hands. The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are God''s children. (See Romans 8:16) He loves us so much that He gave His "only begotten Son (Jesus)" to save us and bring us back when we stray; and He causes ALL THINGS to work for our good, as we put our trust in Him. Each one of us is His personal concern. In Judges 13:8, a father-to-be named Manoah prayed for God''s guidance over his son before he was even born. He named him Samson.
If you have already lost your earthly father, you do not have to go through life scared and unloved and forgotten. There are many fathers in Christ who are waiting and willing to pour all they have into your heart and life. - like ELIJAH and ELISHA - No matter what your age. For a father is more than a title.
The Bible says that a good father leaves an inheritance for his children. If your father have failed you in any way, you need to forgive him - love him and HONOR HIM so your days may be long and satisfying.