What do you want?

ďHeaven will be an infinite chase. An infinite tracking down of the Glories of God. Most people donít want that. How do I know they donít want that? Because they donít want it now and if you donít want it now you wonít want it then.Ē Paul Washer
What do you want from your walk with Christ? What, from your relationship with God? What do you think heaven will be like from what youíve seen in scripture? How close are one to the other? Do you want what God is offering?
So you are saved? So you say you have a new relationship with God? You say youíre a changed man? How is your relationship with sin? Do you look at sin all together different? Do you detest the detestable?
How do you feel about the sin in your life? How does God feel about the sin in your life? Is the sin in your life someone elseís fault? Or, do you take Godís side against yourself as the one to blame for your sin?
What are you going to do concerning your relationship with Jesus Christ when you get to heaven? Are you doing it now? Eternal life doesnít begin at death. Eternal life begins when you commit to a relationship with Jesus Christ Ė which should be now!
Do you think God should give you the desires of your heart? Do you really know what your heat desires? The hearts of men are full of wickedness. Desire what is on Godís heart. Desire that your heart wants nothing but Jesus Christ.
What do you want for your family? Do you desire that they adore you? Or do you desire that they adore Jesus? Do you want to ďFriendĒ them? Or do you want to guide them and help them? Do you want their best life now? Or do you want better than their best?
What do you wait for? Are you waiting for dinner? Are you waiting for the weekend? Are you waiting for the big game? What is consuming your thoughts? Whatís the perfect day? Does that perfect day include Jesus?
What are you preparing for? Are you preparing for a test or a job interview? Are you preparing for a trip? What kinds of things do you do to prepare? Do you research who youíre going to talk to or where youíre going? Are you prepared to face Jesus? Have you done your research?
Do you text? Facebook? Email or snail mail? Who do you talk to and what do you say? What would you say to Jesus right this minute? Well, why donít you say it? He hears you fine. He hears everything you say. What are you saying about Jesus when you communicate with others? He knows what you say, do you?
Do you listen to your elders? Do you listen to your teachers? Your boss?...your spouse?...your kids?...parents?...politicians?...news reporters?...friends? Who do you listen to? Do you listen to Jesus?
Who do you admire? Who do you point to as an example? What is your definition of greatness? Do you admire Jesus? DONíT!! Be in fearful reverence; be in AWE of Him. Admire His followers but as for Him; worship Him or battle with Him, there is no middle ground.