Whose belief makes all things possible?

In Mark chapter 10:27 Jesus says, “What is impossible with men is possible with God. All things are possible with God.” This statement is taken at face value as absolutely correct. As it should be. What is impossible for us is always possible for God. But if we go back one chapter to the story of the young boy possessed by a demon we find a remarkable play on words by Jesus that should give each and every one of us a fresh understanding about faith, believing, and the working of the impossible. After several exchanges between the father of the boy and the Lord, Jesus says, “All things are possible if you believe.” The father responds, “I believe, but help me with my unbelief.” Jesus answers, “All things are possible to him that believes.” Maybe you’re like me. For many years I believed this statement meant that for an impossible thing to be done I had to have perfect unshakable faith. And if you’re like me, I became disappointed when impossible things didn’t happen, and I believed my shaky faith was the cause.
But remember in Mark chapter 10 Jesus said all things are possible with God. No matter my faith level, it is still impossible for me. Now, stick with me a moment and I’ll explain. The father’s response of, “I believe, but help me with my unbelief,” in the literal translation reads like this, “I lack confidence in your abilities and powers to heal my son.” After all, if the disciples couldn’t heal him maybe Jesus didn’t have the power either.
In Jesus’s response he changes the pronoun midway through the statement. Literally Jesus said, “All things are possible for Me, because I believe.”
Jesus was telling the father that all he needed to do was believe that Jesus could do the impossible. Jesus had no doubt that He (Himself) could do impossible things. Why? Because he is God! Friend, Jesus takes all the pressure off of our backs to try to generate enough faith to do the impossible. He says to you and me, “All you have to do is believe in Me, and I’ll do the impossible for you.”
Do you believe Jesus can do the impossible? Good! Because the pressure to do the impossible sits squarely on His broad shoulders. Right where He’s always wanted it to be.