This Savior Knows

Do you know how amazing our Savior is? I don’t think you do. You have no idea all He does for you. You have no idea what He doesn’t do that He could do.
This God KNOWS you. He knows you in a frightening way. He knows all the secrets you wouldn’t tell a soul. He knows what you do in private. He knows what goes through your mind when certain people walk into the room.
He knows what you do right and what you cannot do right. He knows your quirks and your peeves. He knows your kindnesses and your abominations.
This Savior knows…and this Savior wouldn’t tell a soul. He wants others to see you in a good light. He wants you to represent Him with the honor you will someday have. And He represents you the way you one day will be; though today you have no idea what that means.
Your Savior has not a single weakness but still desires to overlook yours if you’ll just stop reminding Him about them. He keeps public things public and private things private.
He is the friend I don’t deserve. He is the Partner content to let me shine. The only Person never embarrassed to be seen with me and goes along whenever I invite Him. He is the Judge that forgives my offenses and the one marching into war with me who cannot be defeated. When I’m wounded in battle He protects me with His own armor and He goes toe to toe with the enemy, fearless and true, though sometimes I forget whose side I’m on.
He loves me enough to let me fall if I’m taking the wrong step and then when I’ve done my worst He picks me up and dusts me off and hugs me while I cry and puts healing salve on my wounds. He waited for years and years for me to see Him for who He is and yet today he will wait patiently for me to catch up while I look around and forget what I’m doing.
When I misspeak He corrects it and when I break things He fixes them and when I’m drained and empty He fills me up and renews me.
My Savior has never left me nor forsaken me thought I’ve done it to Him a billion times. My Savior lights the path and steadies my footing and guides me when I close my eyes in fear. He provides food and drink and rest, and laughs and cries with my joy and pain.
He doesn’t need me but He wants me. He doesn’t need my help but He puts me to work and then blesses me for things done right. Though I was nothing when He took me in He made me something. When I had nothing He wanted He destroyed the junk and gave me His best…and just when I know I’ve failed Him once too often and He could never take me back, He reminds my repentant heart that could never happen…not in all eternity.
He started something and He will finish it and nothing can pry me from His grip.
The most astonishing thing about my Savior is He knows me from head to toe and inside out and He still calls me friend. When I doubt He puts His arm around my shoulders and we walk; when I fear he gives me a glimpse of heaven; when I am lost, He shines…oh, how He shines, and He lights the way home.