Declaration for Waco

Waco, when I first started visiting you, the Lord would often speak to me about your destiny. Now that I live here and have the opportunity to get to know your watchman on the wall and your intercessors, I''ve found out that the very things He has spoken to me about you, He has also spoken to them. I often hear talk of revival, but I want you to know that you are called to a greater thing than that. The Heart of Texas is a safe place; a place where an awaking will happen that will be an out pouring into the whole state of Texas. It will be so glorious that the whole World will pay attention and you will then teach them how to WAR! Remember, big giants guard big fruit. And McLennan County, your ground is full of the Fruit of the Spirit and you will reach your full destiny in Christ Jesus. I declare and seal this over you for the Glory of Jesus Christ! "Though the world has known you through your enemies eyes, the world will now know you through my eyes!" Jesus Christ Standing in the Gap for you! From an Intercessor for Waco