Revealed Mysteries

Matthew 13:11-12, Jesus desires to speak to His people; He longs for us to see His mysteries manifest. Yet when I ask a believer, what are you called to do, and what are your gifts and talents that you are operating in? Almost all of them say that they are not sure what they are called to do for the Lord, and as far as operating in the gifts and talents, they say they have never done that. A lot of the believers say that their Pastor’s don’t move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Jesus says to His disciples, “It has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them [the unbelievers] it has not been given.” Mysteries of the kingdom are revealed as the believer studies the word of God, and he or she moves in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. As I watch the supernatural move of the Holy Spirit, I often receive deep spiritual knowledge from scriptures in the bible. My point is that the word “mysteries” is translated “secrets” and it refers to the “hidden” revelations of God. Who did Jesus say would reveal spiritual truths to those who believe, the Holy Spirit? Mathew tells us that the one, who has an intimate relationship with the Lord, will be the one who He shares the mysteries with.
In Mark 9:14-29, the father of a demon possessed boy meets the disciples, and they try to cast it out. Most Christians would say that the disciples did not have the faith to cast it out. Those believers forget that in Mark 3 and in Mark 6, Jesus gave them power and authority to do that very thing. They also fail to see the supernatural promotion from Mark 3 to Mark 6. Remember, James 2 says that faith without works is dead. In other words, the disciples were trying, but lacked spiritual knowledge and application, not faith. I wonder how many times people have failed praying for the sick, not understanding the spiritual dynamics involved. Like cancer, I’ve seen 3 people healed just this year because of revelation. The disciples began to question Jesus, which means they interrogated Jesus until they understood why they had failed. No one interrogates unless faith leads. Jesus points out that they ran into a class of evil that they never have seen before, so they lacked the spiritual knowledge to cast it out. If you read the passage carefully, it is only this kind that the believer must pray and fast, not demon or unclean spirit.
The question left to ask now is, do you have an intimate relationship with the Lord that the power of the gifts of the Holy Spirit come out of you in such away, that secrets or mysteries are made known to the body of Christ? If we call ourselves a disciple of Christ Jesus, then we will operate in the miraculous. Miracles, healings, and the casting out of devils happen every Friday night at the Spiritual Freedom Church Waco.
In Jesus name these signs shall follow,