I Will Never Leave You nor Forsake You

In the darkness, Jesus found me. Over 30 years of drug addiction and it came down to this one moment, what would I do to save my life and protect my children? My children had persuaded me to be part of Spokane Dream Center’s Easter drama at The Met (now Bing Crosby Theater). I’ll have to confess that even though I was trying to turn my life around, I didn’t always win the battle. There were nights I attended rehearsal when I was high, but deep in my heart, I wanted to be free of this addiction. I was a mother to all those around me, my children and my fellow addicts, although I didn’t always do a great job, I tried.
Trying to be helpful, set up the nightmare that unfolded the night before the Easter drama performance. Some of my so-called “friends” dropped off a guy who needed a place to stay. I discovered after my children were asleep downstairs, that he had other plans. I was held hostage and raped over a 14-hour period. Personally, I knew I could survive anything. My children were my main concern. He had a weapon and I knew he was crazy enough or high enough to use it. At all costs, I needed to save my children. As morning approached, a new chapter unfolded. My abductor took me from the house and dragged me down the street without shoes, only wearing a housecoat, with his arm around my neck and a gun to my head. As people drove by me in my distress, I prayed for a way of escape, and finally realized, I was running out of time. I broke loose and ran screaming the other way. He quickly fled the opposite direction. Help arrived and I was taken back home, choosing to shelter my children from the gory details of my ordeal. That evening was the drama performance, and my children insisted I go. I couldn’t let them down, and so I went, broken on the inside and frazzled on the outside. I was an angel in the final scene and as I entered the throne room that night, God met me there. In that moment, His healing power took away the pain and violation of my near-death experience. His peace flooded my soul. I was transformed. God had a better plan for my life.
A few months later, I was the first woman to enter Dream Center’s Women’s Discipleship Program. My life turned around, so I was seeking Jesus instead of running away from Him. My family has been restored. I graduated from college and became a Dental Assistant and today, I also share the love of Jesus as a caregiver. My life is forever changed.
Do you need healing? Are you ready to lay down your burden? Jesus promised, “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.” Come and meet Him at the Cross.
Don’t miss “Behold Jesus” – Spokane Dream Center’s Easter Drama on Saturday, March 30 with two performances, a matinee at 1 p.m. and evening performance at 6:30 p.m. at the INB Performing Arts Center, 334 W. Spokane Falls Blvd, Spokane, WA. For more information about the drama or Discipleship programs, contact Spokane Dream Center at 509.924.2630 or www.spokanedreamcenter.org.