The Lord Put You On My Heart

The Lord Put You On My Heart You know what? A very dear friend sent me a beautiful card last week. So today after church I went up to thank her and she told me something I’ve heard at least a few dozen times in my life; she said “The Lord put you on my mind”.
I couldn’t help but to realize at that moment what an incredible blessing it was to know that my God shares His concern and caring for me with my sisters and brothers in Christ. The Holy Spirit solicits others of like mind to lift us up before the Father…talk about networking!
And likewise, to have the Holy Spirit choose you and me to engage in spiritual warfare for one another as soldiers of the Cross – to be called upon to support in prayer those who may not be able or have the heart to pray for themselves. Or maybe in a preemptive strike the Holy Spirit joins us together in intercession to strengthen a fellow Christ follower before the Evil One can get to him.
Two things are demonstrated here. That God wants us involved in His work among the people of God and that there is a spiritual battle for which we are only sensing the need for God to act; our obedient act is to request divine intervention. We may not even have any knowledge of what to pray for but the burden cannot be ignored.
The mystery of prayer boggles my mind. It isn’t like a long distance phone call; that I can grasp. But prayer is a reach into another dimension which is beyond our understanding. But from that “other” dimension comes a voice that speaks to the heart of the believer “someone needs you to pray for them” or send them a card or call them or just shoot them an email; something for the spiritual betterment of one whom God alone may see the need.
We have a prayer chain through our church and when the call goes out the links of that chain stretch far and wide and often connect to other chains and a chorus of prayer goes up and God hears and responds as is fitting within His will.
We are on God’s prayer chain. God Himself utilizes the same powerful tool that He instructs us to invoke where our spirits seem to join with His to accomplish His great will.
God put you on my mind today! Such a simple, comforting phrase but such an amazing message. God, the creator of the universe, is going around talking about me. ME!! Sharing my burdens with a fellow sojourner in this foreign land. A text message from the heart of God to the heart of His servant “Tim needs your prayers today!”
If you are hurting and cannot talk to a soul about it, let God put you on someone’s heart. Pray that He would do that for you.
I had a deep heartache that just wouldn’t go away several years back. I went to my pastor and asked him to pray for me. He prayed then and there that God would give me a word to guide me. I went on to work and I wasn’t there fifteen minutes when a Christian Brother walked up and said “The Lord wants me to tell you…” and I had my answer. It’s not always that fast or that simple but it’s true and He listens and He enlists other to take part in your needs.
Pray believing, and listen, He just might have someone for you to pray for; in fact I’m sure He does.