God got my attention

God got my attention in 1981 when I was told I would lose the use of my legs after a motorcycle accident fractured my back in 6 places. I was living in Lake Tahoe at the time and working as a musician but one musician Kenny B. (now a truly anointed worship leader living in Post Falls) always talked to us about God and the Bible when we worked together, so when I got the bad news I was very depressed until I decided to become pro active and asked Jesus into my life and work hard to rehabilitate.
Over the next 5 years my health improved to the point of becoming an aerobic instructor and a trick water skier but my commitment to God was still inconsistent so God got my attention again. In 1985 as a passenger on my way to a trade show in L.A. we hit a “semi” that was lost and almost stopped in the fog on highway 99, the accident broke my back in 2 more places. But even then I still resisted a true commitment to knowing God’s will for my life…I think it was because of my Catholic elementary school experience.
Then 24 years ago in San Diego I became an estate and fininancial planner working my way up to “district director” for the investment company Beaver, Thomas, and Christt. Because I think I have “A.D.D.-O.C.D.” (which means, I’m constantly changing what I’m obsessed about) I learned way too much about, the law, money, taxes, and planning, to the point of saying “How do they get away with this???” It was so troubling that I quit, giving up a generous income, and vowed to stop playing the “game“ until I figured out what the real game was.
So I went back to playing music and became a professional sound engineer, then spent the next 7 years devouring everything I could find on the subject from the over the top conspiracy stuff to Rhodes Scholarship materials and even the CFR “Foreign Affairs” quarterly publications and eventually to the Bible, tracking some things back to Gen 1:1. I just wanted to find the truth no matter what it was but every answer created 10 more questions and finding sources of information without agendas or exposing the bias was difficult. This eventually led me to the belief that the only consistent, proven source of the truth is God’s word...the Bible, in fact I now make the claim to others that, “there is more empirical evidence proving the Bible true than any other subject that you can pick”…this means that, there is scientific, mathematical, historical, geological, biological, cosmologicical, written, social, and current event, evidence at our deposal that definitively verifies the Bible true…more than any other subject that you can pick. That’s a pretty outrageous statement and I hope that you challenge it for yourself. I currently have a ministry called soundstewards.com that helps Churches(30+so far) save money on sound systems so their assets can be better utilized somewhere else by providing new system designing, upgrading, installing, acoustic fixes, and technical instruction.
….So, for the last 17 years I’ve been “that guy” talking about politics, economics, and religion until, we are now accelerating down that “slippery slope” so fast that some people are actually starting to notice! Most of the Church has stayed out of politics claming to "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar''s, and to God the things that are God''s." but this does not apply in America because, we, the people, are “Caesar” we are the rulers of this government, it’s “by the people, for the people, and of the people”. The main problem seems to be that, we have lost the will to demand the truth…People say” It’s all good” and “Your truth is your truth”…NOT! The world has just changed the meaning of the word “truth”, it now means “opinion”. The truth, by definition is absolute and mutually exclusive. So we are now allowing evil men to take our land from us. (“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”). It seems that, the only thing we learn from history is…we don’t learn anything from history! Things are now so far along that God is the only answer but we must do it His way “2 Ch 7:14” or face judgment and persecution at the hands of our enemies. I tried 3 years ago to help facilitate a 2 Ch 7:14 event called “If My people” but I soon learned that most Church leadership would not stop playing “my church is better than your church” long enough to even consider a non-divisional prayer event. “If two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven” does not apply to our land, that’s for personal stuff, and that’s why it says “done for them”. Only 2Ch 7:14 applies to the land, from a community to the world…It’s “our call”. I think God has been preparing me for this my whole life and He is now calling me to service…only time will tell.
In Him,
Joe Gentile WWW.2Ch714.org www.soundstewards.com