God Shows No Partiality

Paul, in his letter to the Romans states in the first 11 verses of the second chapter that all mankind, whether believers in Christ Jesus or not, is accountable to God. Paul also tells us that God will show no partiality, with God one man is not different from another. Partiality means to make unjust distinctions between people by treating one person better than another. God is not inclined to favor one group over another. All can receive salvation in Christ Jesus, all can be healed of sickness and disease, all can be delivered from demon possession. James 2:9 says if you treat one person better than another, you are guilty of sin.
Sin is sin to God, whether you are a believer in Christ Jesus or not. Paul tells us in Romans that grace is not a license to sin, on the contrary, it bring about judgment. As we see in Deuteronomy 28, that God often makes mankind''s sin their punishment. In the last half of Romans 1, Paul lists sins of idolatry, sexual immorality, homosexuality and their general life-style. Paul says that all who are self-seeking, self-willed, sexually immoral, disobedient to truth and responsive to evil will receive God''s righteous anger and wrath. A person may feel self-righteous because he is not guilty of the sins for which he judges others. But no one is guiltless—all have sinned. By our very capacity to judge others we demonstrate that we are responsible to judge ourselves. To judge another is to presume that you have nothing to be judged in yourself—that attitude reveals a sinful and hardened heart. Do you see if we Christians are doing the same things the sinners are doing, there is no grace, but judgment.
God’s judgment will be impartial, and it will be according to what people have done. God''s judgment will be based upon character and our actions. All people will be held accountable for the truth that was available to them and what they did with it. Preaching about sin does not fill Churches, but the lack of it does fill Hell. Being a minister that moves in healing and deliverance does not fill Churches, but the lack of it does leave people sick and possessed. Jesus clearly states that the believer who is self-seeking and lukewarm will be left for the tribulation period. Who are the ones that are taken, Romans 2:7,10 (Amp) - To those who by patient persistence in well-doing [springing from piety] seek [unseen but sure] glory and honor and [the eternal blessedness of] immortality, He will give eternal life. V.10 - But glory and honor and [heart] peace shall be awarded to everyone who [habitually] does good, the Jew first and also the Greek (Gentile).
Pastor Bruce Hines