The Magnificent

It is December 2012 and what are you going to celebrate? There are lots of different celebrations going on this time of the year for instance, "the holidays". We use that word in songs singing "happy holidays", we call it the season we are in, and we call our family gatherings holiday parties. Some celebrate the holidays! Some celebrate winter arriving and get excited about the first new winter storm and the change of the season. We hear people giving "seasons greeting" to others. Some celebrate the season! Some do not celebrate at all and even fear this time of year thinking it is a burden having to plan a family getting together, buying all those presents, spending money they don''t have, thus making this time chaotic and frustrating. Some do not celebrate!
But the angel said to them, " Do not be afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all people; for today in the city of David there has been born for you a savior, who is Christ the Lord. Luke 14: 10-11
Luke reminds us of the joy we should have and what to really celebrate. Jesus came for "all people" and came to give us joy and peace. If you have fear and no joy in your life then you are celebrating the wrong thing. God''s plan to bring us joy and peace is not left to chance and His plan is flawless. It is magnificent! The birth of Jesus is a three- fold joy to you. First, his birth brings us good news is a world that is filled with bad news. Everywhere we turn we hear bad news. Our world today is focused on bad news.
Second, his birth brings joy to all people. Joy is missing from the lives of so many people that the world can appear to be a miserable place to live. Third, his birth gave you a savior. God loved the world so much he sent his only son to save you from your misery and sadness that you may have life everlasting.
So! What are you celebrating this December? I hope you are celebrating the magnificent work and plan of God in the birth of Jesus Christ! There is nothing magnificent about holidays; nothing magnificent about the season; but everything magnificent about the birth of Jesus. I say to you not happy holiday or seasons greetings but....
Merry Christmas Pastor Rick