Weather man

So anyway, there was this old Indian dude who hired into a construction company. His first day on the job the crew was worried about the dark clouds overhead. He spoke up and said "It ain''t gonna rain". Sure enough, he was right! And so for months this went on, the crew asked him everyday what the weather was gonna be, and the old Indian would be right! Until one day, they walked into the local diner and saw their old Indian friend sipping on a mug of coffee. They approached him and asked, "So old-timer, whats the weather gonna be today?".
"Don''t know", said the old man. "What? What do you mean you don''t know?" they asked. He said again, "Don''t know". They were bewildered. "Why not?" they asked. So the old Indian looked up and said flatly, "My radio''s broke."