GOD help us ''get out the vote''

The 2012 election will be a turning point in our country''s history, one outcome will result in a loss of all remaining freedoms, and a total financial collapse of the country. Future generations deserve better from us.

There are 70 million voting age Christians in the United States. Fifty percent of those register to vote and only of those vote.

We must ask God for help to organize a nationwide ''call to action'' prayer to motivate all Christians to get registered and to vote:

1. Beginning now, every prayer should include this ''call to action'' and an urging for Christians to study the issues prior to election day.

2. Organize 2 days of fasting, prayer and praising God at churches nationwide in mid October 2012, before absentee voting starts.

3. Organize another 2 days of fasting, prayer and praising God the weekend prior to election day November 6, 2012.

4. After election day we will need to thank God and pray to stay vigilant.

Many Christians say these are the "end days" so why do anything.

Seventy-five years ago when Social Security was introduced, Christians were convinced this number was the "mark of the beast" and signaled the "end days", and they did nothing. We may be living in the "end days" but we may have another 75 years to wait, if so I do not want my grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc. to live enslaved to a greedy controlling government. I want better for my future generations.

George Washington''s army was in trouble, so he signed into law Order #17 which required the troops to fast and pray for 3 days, that God would lift His hand and make a way for them to cross the Delaware River, feed them, and provide provisions. This resulted in the colonies first major victory of the Revolutionary War. The victory was to be the first of a string of victories that resulted in the colonies ability to form the United States of America.

During the 1st Gulf War Saddam Hussein set the oil fields on fire in order to send oily smoke fumes over the invading force''s gun sights and air craft windshields. In this area, the prevailing winds blow only in a Southeastern direction 360 days of the year. However, prior to this invasion, hundreds of thousands of people from thousands of Churches in the US were praying for 24 hours for success of this mission, resulting in the winds shifting 180 degrees, and blew the smoke back over the Iraqi forces, blinding the aircraft and weapons sites. This action also resulted in a 39 hour victory with only 26 USA casualties in the entire conflict. 37,000 Iraqis were killed and the war was over in 72 hours.