Coming to Off Broadway


I started coming to Off Broadway about 4 years ago. Sometimes I would show up for the extra help when they did the bread runs, or I would go to the corner of Broadway and Nettleton for some awesome music and a nice meal with my family. Throughout the years, I realized how I have been changing in a more spiritual way. Janice Foland was my angel God sent to me. I just know it. She is such a caring, wonderful person that helped me learn more about the Lord. The more I knew, the more I grew spiritually inside. I can''t explain it, but it''s the most amazing thing I ever felt. I became more considerate, more grateful, and even gave my heart to help others.

That''s just part of the amazing blessings I received. The OBFO outreach is working with Family of Faith Church. The pastor Danny Green and his wife Sheri have really been there to help me with guidance of the way I should live. Live and do the things the Lord wants me to do. I also enjoy the music, fellowships and all the extra events they have. Family of Faith helps people who are in recovery. This church is such a blessing to many people who are battling addictions (I have them too) feel welcomed (some people have not felt that way in a long time) and having fun while doing it. This church gives guidance through the Lord to help people with their addictions. OBFO has the Lighthouse. What a wonderful blessing each and every women of the lighthouse is. They offer their home to people that are hungry, need a friend, or even transportation. They work so hard for so many people.

OBFO has also helped me with my daughter who is battling a methamphetamine addiction. This has been so hard, and sometimes I had to battle because I couldn''t do anything for her. I knew that doing nothing was doing everything. I had so many from the OBFO tried to help her. They would give her some food and necessities. They offered her help when she needed it. Most importantly they kept her in their prayers. I went to the Family of Faith church discussion groups and I would just cry. I felt so comfortable there. I had support from other people that care. She is in jail right now. I really believe that the Lord answered my prayers. I am trying to talk to all the attorneys and making sure she gets the help she needs. I don''t know how things would have turned out if I did not receive Jesus in my life. I believed and I let God lead the way.

OBFO did not just help me with my daughter with her problem, they were such an inspiration to my younger children and granddaughter as well. Every Monday we go down, listen to the music at The Porch and eat dinner. They would set out crafts or coloring pages for the children. We also have a Bible Study after dinner. All the children have fun while they are learning. This summer I saw so many blessings for so many children. Janice Foland worked on getting the kids to get a chance to attend an Arts Camp through Life Center. All week long, she would transport kids to the church and bring them back home. She would have to make several trips to do it. But she did whatever she could to make sure the kids got to go. Wendy Sweitzer (Head of Lighthouse) also helped with transporting the children. After all that was done, she got together with the Union Gospel Mission to help the kids with Boot Camp. The first day we got on the bus and we went to an amazing camp area. All the kids had so much fun. We did have the biggest water slide, and swam in the river. The most amazing thing that happened was the children learned about God, they learned about working together and helping out, and they learned how to have fun. All the kids that attended were very excited. I can see the growth in my own children as well as the others that came. We had Boot Camp #2. That was just as memorable. We learned about Chief Garry. The children had so much fun. They were even blessed to learn about the Spokane history (Chief Garry), and The Ten Commandments. I recently found out that we are going to be so blessed and we are going to the same camp resort as the first one. They will have a graduation ceremony for all the children that attended the other Boot Camps.

Thank you all!!