Pslam 106 1

There was a young man driving down the road and notices someone on the side of the road with car trouble. He slowed down and pulled over to render assistance. Once he got to the disabled vehicle he quickly notices the owner had three blown out tires all at once. He thought what a mess this man was in with so many tires ruined at the same time. Still he found the owner standing by the vehicle praising the Lord with a huge smile on his face. He was confused as to why this man was acting like that. Certainly he knew he had three blown out tires. The young man approached the owner of the vehicle and asked, “Sir, why are you praising the Lord? Don’t you know you have three ruined tires?” The owner responded, “Praise the Lord I still have one good tire, now I only have to buy three new ones instead of four!” Are you that way? Do you constantly look for the good in every situation? Do you look for ways to be thankful in all circumstances of life? The man with three blown out tires did! We can always be thankful for something; we just have to be alert and looking for ways to be thankful. I heard a great man of God once say that it’s not so much about thanksgiving as it is thanks-living! Certainly as Christians we have so much to be thankful for. For me I just have to slow down long enough to look around me and see what blessings I have and be thankful for them. Many times I sit quietly at home in the living room and just look around at the blessings I have. Thanksgiving just comes out and praise to the Lord abounds. Lord thanks for our home and how you led us to the right one. Lord thanks for the furniture and how you showed us bargains on each piece. Lord thanks for the cars in the drive way and how you blessed us with our desires. Lord thanks for the money to pay our bills and have the things we need. You see many years ago when our three children were small I lost my job for the first time ever. It was Thanksgiving and we had a house full of company. I walked in from the office and informed my family that I had lost my job today. For a moment an empty feeling fell on my wife and I wondering what we were going to do for income now! We chose to praise the Lord for our family and our home and our children. We trusted in God for many months and all I can say is we had more food in the cabinets during that time than when I worked. The outpouring of love from our friends was overwhelming and we never went without until I was employed again. It was like three blown out tires but we still had one good one left. Praise the Lord! Psalm 106:1 tells us to give thanks to the Lord because He is good and His love endures forever. I challenge us to not only memorize this verse for Thanksgiving but memorize it for thanks-living.