Was I A Christian

Neither my husband nor myself remember not being Christians. We were both raised in Christian families. Charlie even went to a private Christian school for a stint. We were in our mid to late 20s when we started dating. The evening of our first date, Charlie asked me if I was a Christian. Many people would find this insulting, I mean, can’t you tell I’m a Christian? Am I not doing a good enough job showing my love of Christ through my works? I wasn’t offended though. You see, my best friend also asked me the same question in one of our first conversations. I knew that to have a truly Godly relationship, GOD had to be present in both participants’ lives. When Charlie asked me my beliefs, I knew he was the man for me. Few men that I knew wore God on their sleeve and were comfortable enough to speak about Him. We stayed up late that night talking about everything; that was the first of a lifetime of discussions.
We got married 11 months later in a beautiful ceremony in my hometown’s United Methodist Church. We lived the life we felt we were expected to live. He got a good job in his chosen field (graphic design) and I taught Special Education and later became an Assistant Principal at a large high school. We had a sweet daughter whom we loved dearly. Most would say we had it all but sadly, we found something was missing. We were always on the go. Charlie didn’t get home until it was time for Ainsley to go to bed. Our lengthy discussions now existed over cell phones on Charlie’s commute home through Houston traffic. Gang problems were escalating at my high school and I was really questioning if I wanted my little girl to be in the district I worked in, though that was what was expected. We started praying for direction. Much of Charlie’s family was from the Waco Area. In the 1850’s, his Great-great….Grandmother settled Mosheim. Should we go back to his roots? More praying…
A principal position popped open in a small town near Waco and I applied. I was hired the last day of school! Charlie applied for 4 jobs and ended up getting 4 interviews (in one day!) and subsequently, 4 offers! Charlie took a job at the large local paper as a marketing manager. Both of our jobs gave us great opportunities to meet wonderful people in the area. We bought a cute house on 10 acres and loved it. Our neighbors were truly one of His gifts as well!
God gives us opportunities but that doesn’t mean he promises that they will be easy. It’s so important we realize that just because we plan on unpacking and getting comfortable, God doesn’t necessarily have the same plan in mind. The principalship wasn’t everything I had hoped for and it never truly “fit” my personality. We also kept thinking that another child would be nice, but I don’t do the pregnancy thing well enough to work on my feet all day. After 2 years and lots of praying, I quit my job to be a stay at home mother. I started teaching college classes online for a Christian university and quickly became pregnant. I loved being room mom and getting to go on all Ainsley’s field trips. More praying… What is your goal for me God? Where do I need to be? I know You wouldn’t lead us here for no reason. I could have been a stay at home mother in my hometown…
Dalton was born and what a blessing! Oh how we love this little boy!!! One day, when Dalton was 3 months old, my father-in-law came to visit and asked me about something I had mentioned a few years before – didn’t you once say you wanted to open a driving school? Well, yes I had but was this the right time??? He took out his checkbook and wrote a check
for both Charlie and me to go back to school and get certified to be instructors! Wow! What a blessing indeed!!!
I researched and researched how to open a driving school and get trained to be an instructor. More praying… This was tough. Texas driving schools were really closed off and didn’t want to train outsiders. With much praying, I found my way. We opened Central Texas Driving School in January of 2011. What an amazing trip it has been. I’ve been able to combine all of my teaching skills, administrative know-how, and curriculum writing into one terrific career. I get to work with amazing kids everyday! Charlie was finally able to jump in full time just when I was getting completely overwhelmed with all of the kids and cars. Again, everything in God’s time!
I believe that so many people get frustrated with their lives because they feel there is no option or they feel doors have been closed in their faces. Perhaps doors have been shut but we all have options. Sometimes God allows that door to close so that we can search our hearts for that proverbial window. What kind of accomplishments could we look back on when we’re 80 if we’ve never struggled for anything? The fruit is so much sweeter after the bitterness of rejection or frustration.
Charlie and I are thankful for the support of our friends and family as well as that of the community. Most of all however, we are thankful to God for bringing us together to make the perfect match. Both of us have different strengths that when matched, creates an unstoppable team, both personally and professionally!