My husband , Ken

My husband , Ken and I were sent by our churches District overseer to Spirit Lake , Idaho in 1972 to reopen a church that had closed. At the time , we had been traveling with Christian bands and ministering where God sent us. We had one small child and another one on the way. We saw the wickedness and felt the evil spirits in this town. We turned around and went back to the District, asking if there was anywhere else. When the answer was “No.”, we decided to keep on doing what we were doing.
In December of 2000, we were asked to come out to Athol, Idaho to take care of my mother and brother while my dad had surgery.
In September of 2001, we bought a home in Spirit Lake. God brought us here to start a Pentecostal, Bible believing, Faith teaching Church; to bring the people of this area “out of darkness into His marvelous light.” 1 Peter 2:9
Today, the whole City of Spirit Lake is mourning the death of Luke Ananna Kuewa-Corin, who was found Sunday, March 24, in Spirit Lake.
We were privileged to know Luke; a vibrant young man with plans for the future. He was loved by many young people and adults alike. He was always polite and caring for others.
We may never know the details of Luke’s death, but I want to take a journey back in time.
2000 years ago there was another man who walked on the earth and did nothing but good. He showed great love and patience to those who made mistakes. He healed the sick. He taught by stories, truths that the common man would understand.
There were those who were jealous because He had a great following. He taught with power and authority. There were those who hated Him, religious leaders of the day, who stirred up the people against Him.
He was beaten, mocked, spat upon, ridiculed, and sent to rulers of the day to be accused. He did not speak a word of defense. He was hung on a cross to die a cursed death.
He did it all for you! I wonder if some of the crowd who said “Crucify Him”, were carried along by the force of the crowd and later felt great remorse and sorrow for being a party to a death mob.
The good news is, this man called Jesus, after being in the grave three days and three nights, arose! He’s Alive! He appeared to His disciples and was seen by others in several places.
But, that is not the end. Jesus ascended to the Father. Mark 16:19, Luke 24:51, and Acts 1:9-11. He sits at the Father’s right hand, interceding for us. He bids us “Come.”
Will you come to Jesus today? Will you ask Him to be the Lord of your life? Will you turn away from sin in your life and let Jesus forgive you and take your sins away? He will make a new person out of you if you ask Him.
It’s your choice. Will you betray Him by saying, “No”, or will you be a loyal follower of Christ? Do you choose life or death?