When Mama Stops Kay Hill

“When Mama Stops Kay Hill Here we go again, into God''s Sweet Presence. Just another mug of Texas pecan coffee serves up this short paper sermon. Wayne and I worship (Do we ever!) in a small Spirit-filled country church named Bruceville Community with an informal feel. Here''s proof. Our assistant pastor;s name is Bubba (the preacher who wears Harley tees and khaki knee pants). The one whose junior high grammar teacher probably needed tranquilizers in her pocket. But the pastor whose spirit is filled with the love and saving grace of The Savior. Okay. So much for the introduction. Just this, though. When Bubba Strickland''s mid-week message goes a bit long, here''s what the congregation hears: "Okay, Mom. I see you standing back there signalling me that it''s time to close and go home. Let''s pray." Sure enough, a beautiful believer named Jo Nell--his mom--had risen to her feet on the back row, a sure signal her son''s sermon had ended! Sighs and smiles and The Surety of Bubba''s mom? Yes. Short and sweet, here it is: When a Christian Mama stands, the Word has been fully given, spent , and taken in full: "It is finished!" --John 19:30. "Having done all, stand!" Ephesians 6:17. But then, if you still struggle for answers to your prayers after the amen, after the standing, let me share the six words I heard from God at 3 AM the other day: "No, you have not yet seen that answer yet--but can you simply thank Me right now?" Yes, Lord. Yes. Yes. Yes! Like Jo Nell, I''ve heard the Word and I have taken It in. Now I say thanks and stand on the promises of God My Savior (Number 115 in that old Broadman Baptist Hymnal. After all, it''s almost time to go. . . Home! I Beautiful story. ReplyForward