When Darkness Threatens Lift Our Eyes

In the darkest of times, the Lord is our light and our salvation. It is Jesus who will lead us through the towering enemy on every side. When darkness threatens our sight, we have only to lift our eyes unto the mountains from where our help comes. We are living in challenging times which will serve to prove Godís strength is true. As we walk in His grace, knowing that God has a plan for each of us, His plan is for our good to give us a future and a hope as we walk in victory. A great strength to us is His joy that wells within as we seek His presence in prayer. I have a dear friend who is battling for her life. As we talk and pray on the phone, we still are able to laugh and rejoice for we know whatever the outcome she walks in the victory and healing. God gives us His promise of protection as we seek Him, and His Word. The Bible tells us that He will surround us forever with His covering. ďAs the mountains surround Jerusalem, So the Lord surrounds His people from this time forth and forever.Ē (Ps 125:2). Jerusalem is surrounded by hills higher than itself. And likewise, Godís people are surrounded by His presence, through His Word, which is higher than any threatening situation. God protects His people on every side, as they press into Him and His holy Word. It is impossible that any scheme for the overthrow of Godís people should prosper if we run to Him for cover. The Lordís people are those who know and trust him. They are those who have experienced the new birth of life through Jesus Christ. This birth does not come by physical descent, nor from human effort, but by the transforming power of God in oneís life. When the Hebrews pitched the Tabernacle in the wilderness, God pitched His tent among them and manifested His glory there. Jesus identified with all humanity by becoming flesh among us. For our eternal safety, we, as Godís people, must abide in His Word. God is in the midst of evil. There is no greater safety. ďThe Lord himself is our wall: so that in every way, we are defended by the Lord against all dangers. Above us is his heaven, on both sides he is as a wall, under us, he is as a strong rock whereupon we stand so are we everywhere sure and safe.Ē óMartin Luther Godís fortress is impregnable, and without His permission, we can suffer no evil, nor be snatched out of His hand. (Job 1; Jn 10:28,29). No man, however eloquent in error, or persuasive in infidelity, or cunning in argument, or mighty in rank shall be able to rob, or overcome by force without permission from God, those who remain in Christ Jesus. This does not mean that bad things cannot touch you, but it means, during bad things, God surrounds His people and brings forth good. (Ro 8:28). When Romania came into communist hands, the pastors of the country were called for a meeting with the officials. Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, an influential Lutheran pastor, attended that meeting. The officials called for alliance from the pastors with the communist government. In those hundreds of pastors, there was no resistance. Pastor Wurmbrand stood to his feet, gaining the floor of the meeting. The officials were happy to see that this popular man would lead their cause. But their faces quickly lost their smile, when he declared his alliance with Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. He was received with warm applause from his peers, but the officials were enraged. He was imprisoned for fourteen years, his wife was imprisoned for three years, and their young son roamed the streets as one without family. Richard was a man who sought God and memorized His Word; he knew His Savior. During those years, the living Word of God kept his family, even in terrible circumstances. After Richardís release from prison, he and his family were miraculously ransomed out of Romania and brought to America. He became the founder of the Voice of The Martyrs. Our country is facing perhaps dark times, but the light of Jesus Christ is always with us. He will never leave us nor forsake us. One of my fondest memories of the Presence of Jesus was when in China under arrest with my team who went in to work at an orphanage. We were held in the hotel while they interrogated several persons at a time. When done we were put in one hotel room, all 17 of us. We got on our knees and cried out to Jesus. In the quiet of our prayer, we could feel Him walking among us. The next day we were released and were able to leave. It was a miracle! Jesus is with us as we are walking through trials in this country. We just need to talk to Him and trust Him with the plan He has for us remembering He gives us a future and hope.