That is My King

by Joseph Randall Christ Jesus Trust And Do Receive Humbly Like A Child Believe By This, True Greatness You’ll Achieve Heaven’s Kingdom Joys Retrieve No More Tears Or Pains You’ll Grieve For Jesus Died And Rose To Heave All Sins Into The Sea He’ll Leave By Faith Alone All Wrath Relieved We Love And Serve The Least Conceived No Little Children We’ll Deceive But To Our Christ Like Babies Cleave Our Whole Lives For Good He’ll Weave He Grants Us Pleasures None Conceive He’s God The Son We Praise Believe! That’s my King! Christ Jesus Conquered Every Temptation He Sovereignly Rules Over All Of Creation He Hates All Sin – It’s A Vile Degradation He Calls Us To Fight With Extreme Indignation So We Won’t Go To Hell Under Fiery Damnation For Jesus Has Died – Took Our Wrath Separation Then Rose Up Alive For Our Justification By Faith Alone And His Imputation We Are Righteous In Him – Our Praise Fascination Now By His Power We Fight Sin Devastation And Love All His People – Our Joyful Obligation For The God-Man Has Come So There’s No Condemnation So We Praise And Obey From His Spirit Inspiration! That’s my King! Do you know Him?! Christ Jesus Loves And Won’t Despise His Little Ones Whose Angels’ Eyes Look To His Father, Their Allies Ministering Spirits Wise For Jesus Came, He Lived, He Dies Under God’s Curse He’d Agonize The God-Man Died A Death King-Size Then Rose Death’s End To Finalize And Save His Sheep Who Strayed With Lies The One Who’s Lost And To Him Cries He’ll Find And Save And We’ll Baptize Rejoicing Shall Take Place With Highs For Our Father Wills To Rise All His Children Immortalize None Shall Perish, Evangelize For Christ’s Our Everlasting Prize!