Let God Build the House

Growing up in California, very early in my teen years, I got heavily into drugs. There was a very keen sense God had a plan for my life, but the enemy had a hold on me. I overdosed more times than I can count on both hands. I should have died but God had His hand on me. One night I overdosed in an abandoned house and the only person with me left. But the next morning, people from a Christian recovery program showed up at the house to clean and found me inside overdosed. They called the ambulance and I was given something to snap me out of it. When I opened my eyes, the EMTs were all around me, as well as other men from the Christian recovery program, sobbing and telling me God sent them so I would be saved. God had a plan for my life. Looking back, I am encouraged God is with me and loved me in my darkest times. For another couple of years, I kept running from Godís call. Finally, I cried out to God for help. A few years before this, my mom moved to Spokane. Knowing I needed a new place for a fresh start, I came to Spokane. Through Godís leading, I entered Spokane Dream Centerís Mens Discipleship program. I finally surrendered everything to Jesus, with no reservations. Iím so glad for my time there to build a strong foundation and relationship with the Lord. God provided a place where I could be totally separated from the world to learn to love and dream again. Getting close to graduating from the discipleship program, I was seeking God about what to do next. I was led to the story of David in the book of Samuel where David wanted to build God a house. In 2 Samuel 7:11, God tells David that He Himself will build a house for him. It spoke so clearly that I donít have to strive to do something for God. As I rest in His promise that God is building something for me, I will not miss His plan. ďUnless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it.Ē (Psalm 127:1) God gave me a promise, and I chose to rest in it, knowing He had amazing plans for my life. After I graduated from the discipleship program, I met my beautiful wife, Amie. It was easy to fall in love with her. Amie has such a heart for God. Iím so glad God brought her into my life. We talked about having children, as it was a desire of both of our hearts to be parents. Once we got married, it didnít take long until we were inviting our daughter, Gracie, into the world followed by our middle daughter, Rebekah. And last, but not least, our son, Jordan. Itís so amazing being a parent, watching my children grow and learn, and become all God wants them to be. My wife is such an amazing mom and so patient with our kids. They are happy and flourishing. I want to honor her this Motherís Day because she deserves it, as well as every mom who pours themselves out for their children. We pray with our children every night that God will fill them with Himself because this world so desperately needs that right now. Young people filled with the love of Jesus, who will speak the truth, and not be afraid. May we, as parents, teach our children the truth, so when they are confronted with a lie, they will know how to answer to bring glory to Jesus in a spirit of love. When I look back from where I was to where I am now, I canít help but be filled with gratitude to God. I am blessed to play drums on the worship team at the same church where I went through the discipleship program. It is an honor to bring the Lord glory through music. Seven years ago, I graduated from the discipleship program. I see Godís hand behind the scenes building the house He promised. Itís an eternal house that doesnít just affect me, but itís establishing a place for my family, my children, and all who will call on His name to be saved. If you are lost in the world to addiction, bad choices, or feeling hopeless, there is hope. Hope‑ is found in Jesus. God has good plans for your life too.