Heart Longings For Christ To Be All!

I wrote these poems years ago. I’m not a poet (it will be obvious!), but I love to write out my longings from time to time. My Savior I once thought I was a Christian, in the truth I believed Then through a teacher I found I was deceived He was teaching us world religions, but to him they’re all relative you see “All religions are roads to the same god for me” This teaching was against all I learned from mom and Sunday school I learned that salvation through Jesus Christ alone was the rule Fear entered my heart, I was more than afraid I began to doubt that Jesus alone was my aid If I couldn’t believe in Jesus alone as Saviour and Lord “I’ll go to Hell forever!” my mind unceasingly roared I just believed because my mom taught me so Would an Indian child believe what I know? I struggled and struggled to find the belief I thought I had but then lost But in truth, the river from death to life through saving faith I had never crossed Now I understand Jesus’ words Luke did pen Agonizing and striving are required for the straight gate to enter in After much pain and fear of death and eternal suffering By God’s grace I embraced Jesus as second to nothing Looking back one thing seems very very clear Relativism is a deadly, false teaching to fear African, Asian, Indian, or Arab no cultures are exempt All peoples are commanded to turn to Jesus alone and repent The hope of this truth resides not in man’s effort or will But in an Almighty God Who gives new hearts with a seal Now in Jesus alone I find my delights soar and soar Very soon with Him I’ll find pleasures forever more! Now if you have ears to hear and eyes to see your future so grim Run to Jesus right now and find fullness of joy in Him! Please End The Glory Stealing Oh! That God would take my life from me Then my wretched sin He would forever cease to see My reticence to speak of my dear Savior’s name This sin my conscience would finally cease to blame My failure to believe in God as Sovereign Master If I were dead this glory stealing would cease all the faster My self-righteous pride so often rises up so high Oh God! You hate this for it is You that I defy When others give You glory I get jealous and mad For truly I want the glory for my worship - oh how sad Yes my LORD You could end my life with simple ease It is You who kills and makes alive just as You please But LORD You’ve chosen to leave me on this earth In Your sovereign will You gave to me new birth And though my repentant tears are even dirty In Christ alone my hopes stand ever sturdy So through my Savior Jesus may I live more for His glory Until He decides to end my sin stained but grace filled story! Oh! To Live For His Glory Alone! Oh! That I would glorify my God! May there never be an Ichabod With every atom of my being every second of every day May all my energy be spent to max His glory that I pray Oh God! How I utterly fail to do this every second all the time Please come control my heart and keep me from this horrid crime Also may every cent of money You have given me Be used in every way to max Your glory - to give is glee And how a worthless worm like I Should hope my God to glorify?! Only by working through His strength alone Then through Jesus Christ is His glory shown And if you say, “Oh! What a huge sacrifice!” I will reply, “God’s glory does me so entice Suffering, torture, pain, and death by His grace I will endure with a roar To God be the glory, In His presence I will enjoy pleasures forever more!” Jesus My Only Righteousness Jesus is my righteousness alone, and that is well For all my own will only send me straight to hell My songs, praise and worship, prayer, and study In my self-righteousness with sin they are all dirty I struggle and wonder even as I think and write If this poetry causing prideful sin will show my dreadful plight Oh! Lord Jesus with Your blood so pure Come and make my dirty worship clean that it may endure And at those moments when I forget myself and truly worship God He enables me to do it by His grace for there will never be an Ichabod God is the author of all good in every man For He alone gets all the glory like no other can So in Christ’s righteousness alone my hopes of heaven ride For only in Him will God’s wrath against me be eternally satisfied! My Struggle Oh! Jesus! my eternal Lover Come and fill my heart with fervor Not with passions for sex and women fill But with joy and pleasure that’s eternally for real Oh! this struggle for purity seems to hurt so much How I long for a godly wife to love and kindly touch But God has chosen to keep me single for right now Oh! wretched unbelief in sin I so often turn and bow “God works all things for good!” is HIS promise to me Oh! God help my unbelief and cause me Your great promises to see If I would only take the omnipotent God at His sovereign and true Word All this worry, pain, and sorrow would simply be absurd Our God is in the heavens and hath done what ere He pleases For His Name’s sake and His glory - He gains what ere He seizes In Him is beauty no woman ever possessed With His glory I should always be obsessed Look to Christ! and desire His love alone! Fullness of joy and pleasures forever more are found only at His throne Oh God! with Psalmist help me from my heart to cry One thing have I desired below or up on high May I gaze at the beauty of the LORD forever bye and bye One thing! One thing! there is no other! Not even a wife, her touch, or a human lover Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! on earth have I desired but Thee is what he cried! Oh! God! with these desires make my heart forever more abide until I’ve died! For Your great Name’s sake. Amen! Martyr At The Stake For God’s glory I will die In the fire, raise my hands to Jesus high On the flames my praises ride In my death God be glorified And if hotter the fire the more He be magnified Then to the fire add coals, for in His strength alone I hide But take care that love in my heart abides Because if not for me no gain resides May I be enraptured with God from all sides! Faith If we must see how all will work out Tis not faith in our hearts but only doubt So look not to what is known or seen ahead But cherish Jesus as your only hope instead! The Overflowing God Everyone has at least one wish or desire It is for happiness - that burns our heart’s fire So seek pleasure and happiness in God until your bones are sore And remember only in God are pleasure forever more!!! Desire My heart is so full of desire Shining forth like the sun of fire Pride, lust, and envy coming forth More coming out from my move north “Who is first?” the disciples asked That nags my heart from first to last And then there’s her I long for so Desiring one whom I can know Please turn my heart oh God toward You May “Christ is all!” in my heart sing true!