From the book Remarkable Incidents and Modern Miracles 123

A man said to the writer some time ago, “Well, Brother Bevington, I suppose, from your teaching, that you are never going to die, as you say that God heals and that He answers prayer. So all that you have to do is to pray, and He heals you, and you are never going to die.” I reminded him of an incident that occurred while I was working at the carpenter trade near Michigan City, Indiana. As we were coming home one Saturday evening, in the buggy, we noticed a man and his wife walking around an old log house.
They seemed to be scrutinizing the old frame closely; and as we came near, the man shouted, “Hey, Jerry, come in here.” So when Jerry got out of the buggy, the man said,
“Wife and I have been examining our old house where we have lived and raised our family of eleven. They are all gone now, married off. You know you have been fixing this old house up most every year for several years; and just look at the sills, and those posts, and the roof, and that gable end. They are all in pretty bad shape, and we were just saying that we believe the old thing is not worth repairing any more. So we want you to build us a new house.” We built one, and saw them vacate the old building and move into the new. They left about all the old furniture in the old house.
I said, “Sir, that is the way it will be with me, as Christ has promised to keep this building that I am living in, in repairs; but the time is coming when the old thing won’t be worth repairing, and I expect soon to see Him come down, take a walk around the old frame, and say, “Well, Bevington, the old thing is not worth repairing any more, so now vacate it and move up here into the new mansion that we have just finished for you. Just leave all the old furniture down there, as we have your new mansion all newly furnished in gold and diamonds.”